Blue skies

My Thursday afternoon ice-cream break from work and sadly my last day in Venice. Beautiful weather and sky so blue it looks fake! Love this place.


Across the water

Yes I know, more Venice! But simply can't help it! On Wednesday I took a detour to walk - too much of a pleasure to wake up early and stroll to the office :-D



Venice is so crazily unique and different it kinda drives your eyes mad and sometimes you just don't know where to look anymore. Love it.

Burano, Venice

If you have read this then it's nothing new but Burano is serious beautiful!



I just landed in Venice and my camera is broken. Can't think of anything more torturous than being here and not being able to take pictures ...


Hub Madrid

So I might be in Madrid for work (visiting Hub Madrid; the sister Hub to where I work here in Brussels) but it doesn't mean it can't be dam beautiful!


Ole' Madrid

Just walking round the neighborhood where I'm staying in Madrid. Sunshine in winter does wonders for the soul!
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