Burn baby burn

This year I am a international student mentor at my University which basically means ramming as many cultural experience's down the throats of unsuspecting foreigners. Our first meeting was at the pub (assez anglais) but then I started to run out of inspiration and we ended up at Wagamama's for those traditional English stirfrys ... cough. So obviously when Guy Fawkes night came around it was a great opportunity for me to do something typically English with my group of mentees. Everyone is told the story of how Guy Fawkes, leader of the Gunpowder Plot, (an elaborate attempt to blow up Parliament and assassinate the Royal Family in the 1600's) was caught and burnt alive on a bonfire. Then every year on the 5Th of November we celebrate with firework displays, toffee apples and a bonfire with an effigy of Mr Fawkes. But I was a bit stumped when Louise (my Dane) asked me what we actually celebrate, the fact that he didn't blow up Parliament and the King was saved or the fact he almost succeeded ... I was totally stumped, so I looked it up! Apparently until 1859 it was compulsory to celebrate the fact our King had been saved, a mini English thanksgiving and since the law was abolished tradition has just taken over. Anyway enough of the history lesson, last night the fireworks were AMAZING and can't wait for the second round at the Uni firework display on Saturday.


Trick or treat?

Halloweeeeeeeeeen was great this year after we decided to fully embrace the face paint. My permanent position in the library meant that little time was available for costume purchase or costume making however we managed to successfully recycle some previous outfits with a spooky twist, I would like to introduce you to daemon Minnie Mouse and the mute mime twins. A great night was had in Poo's where we accidentally on purpose got involved with some serious karaoke action and recreated all the fun times we used to have in Club Date (whoops sorry Canada reference!!!).

Bath was also embracing its spookier side this week when the Roman Baths opened to the public at night, lit only by flaming torches. The effect was really amazing, the water was steaming and it had such an erie feel to the place and although the photos don't really capture the ambiance I'll attach one anyway.

ALSO I CAN'T BELIEVE I ALMOST NEGLECTED TO MENTION the fact that Bliss and I ran 6.02 miles in 45 minutes on Sunday along the Canal pathway, that's like a quarter marathon. Even Ollie seemed impressed with our times and has asked to join in with the elite squad ;-) his trial period will be taking place over the next 10 days. We've also joined a running squad which goes every Wednesday....I no longer think I'm obsessed, I actually am obsessed!!!

I still really really need a hair cut...

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