Provincial best bits


The lycée





Italy on film

I've just had photos developed from my Italy trip back in May; I wanted to wait until I was back in the UK to develop them because it cost about 20 euros to get a 24 exposure developed in France and then quality was seriously shabby. Anyway, this is the first time I've scanned prints and the quality is horrible compared to the actual print which is kinda frustrating; is there anyway I can stop it being so grainy and closer to the original image?? Humm ... ohh and see that GIANT pot of Nutella, we went through 3 of those a week with the kids, oh yes, just hand me a spoon baby!


... in an English country garden!

The gardens of Burton Agnes Hall are where I spent the majority of my childhood. They have giant versions of chess, snakes and ladders, drafts and hop scotch where, quite frankly, I have as much fun aged 24 as I dd when I was 5. The only thing is, everything looks a lot smaller 20 years on from your last visit.


I'm a farm girl

My daily life used to involve fresh baguette, espresso, market life, stripy clothing, Longchamp handbags, military shenanigans and general French snobbery. Now its but a shadow of its former self; today's more about wellies, mud, wooly jumpers, crop planning and acres after acres of space. It's a nice different I suppose.


Camper van dreamin'

It's always been part of the dream but I think I'm going to have to go and study mechanics before it becomes a reality.


Driffield show girls

So being back in the UK I think it's time to stop moping and mourning France and embrace rural British life once again; queue my annual agricultural show where one picks one tractor for the upcoming season and spots the best cow in show ... hummm so basically here's a collection of photos of girls ... and cows ;-)


Le rêve

i'd live here

and drive this

ohh and here's the view from the garden

everything would be coral,

and Dorothy (Phase 2) would be my shopping companion!

Ugly tomato convention meeting here!


Not helping!

"The loveliness of Aix en Provence - where tradition insists you stop and seriously wonder why you choose to live in England" The Sunday Times 11.07.10

Merci mon Colonel!

Truth is graduation at the lycée was a while ago and France is now somewhat of a fastly fading memory. I've been back at home in the UK for a week and a bit now and although I don't miss France itself I terribly miss my Provincial life and the amazing friends I've made over the past year. I never expected it to be such a kick ass experience that has totally changed my perspectives and goals in just about every way imaginable. Merci mon Colonel et à bientôt (j'espère) mes amis :-D


French family times

I took the kids to Palais Vendôme in Aix to see a dude playing his violin and then I promised them ice cream if the behaved themselves.




Without a doubt one of my favourite cities in Provence. Famous for its Roman amphitheatre (where they still hold bull fights) and for being the city that institutionalized Vincent van Gogh after he cut off his ear. It's just too dam pretty. (Is is shameful that whilst I write this I'm listening to Shania Twain?)
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