Bye bye Kate, hello hanogver

Sooooooo Jenna's sister Kate has been staying for a few weeks and finally last night decided to abandon us in MTR and head to to Mont Tremblant for the winter cos shes working up there while on her GAP year. So naturally we celebrated. Dinner at my favourite restaurant followed my cocktails at my favourite bar, perfection. Wakamono is the best sushi restaurant in the world that has all these crazy creations eg strawberry, sesame seed and salmon makis which sounds grose especially when they give you strawberry yogurt to dip it into it but its delicious. Then onto GoGoLounge for cocktails, this bar rocks, no other word for it. You get to sit in these massive chairs moulded into hands and drink expensive cocktails in Sex in the city esque glasses whilst groovin to the coolest DJ. My god i sound like a restaurant reviewer haha. Needless to say the 3am return home in the snow was "interesting." My god its freeeeeeeezing!



LEADING TO........................


Bal du Siècle

Deja vu = two balls, two days, same people, same dress. Saturday night was round two of the frolics; the Bal du Siècle with some seriously good food and drink (aka chocolate and champagne).

This week sucks already and it hasn't even started - I HATE GROUP WORK!!!!!!!!!! and I have like 5 million presentations grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I even went to the library today, and no I am feeling fine but desperate times call for desperate measures.


I "heart" St Hubert

Between where Jenna and I live there is this amazing street called St Hubert and after last night's HEChange Gala we agreed to meet for some food TLC....but my god....little did we know about the fun we were in for :-). We spent the afternoon visiting Father Christmas, and attending an exhibition of vintage firetrucks, and eating our body weight in Subway sarnies...this excitement is beyond words! Ohhh and we bought an old lady cart thing to do our shopping with which we are planning to take round America with us when we go on our travels in May.

HEChange on s'mélange!!!

You know you're an exchange student @ HEC if :

  1. Half your budget was spent on 7$ pitchers of beer at Café Campus
  2. You know Danilo from HEChange for many reasons, the good, the bad, and heavy on the ugly. You've welcomed Danilo to your house party and he managed to finish your beer and pass out on a couch before the party ended.
  3. Your first reaction when hearing the québécois accent was : awwww f**k...
  4. You either love or hate poutine. Either way, its always an extreme position
  5. You've been on a trip where the understanding was : What went on in ***** stays in *****!
  6. You can relate very well to the movie L'Auberge espagnole.
  7. Youve lost count of the amount of people you made out with.
  8. You've concluded that at least 6 members of the HEChange comitee are most likely there just to hook up with exchange students
Why all the sentimentatilty? Well last night was the Fall Gala for all the exchange students. One amazing Moulin Rouge Spetcular.

Location : Salon L'Oreal...hardly the sexiest of locations (its like a sports hall for all u none HEC peops) and everyone was doubting how they would ever pull off an event there...but my god they managed it. An amazing emotional night involving too much alcohol (supprise supprise), games, awards, dancing and immigrant loving.

The decorations were great and they made this amazing video montage of all our parties and trips to music which was just wicked. Ohh and lets just say I did the Brits proud by winning the "biggest party girl" award. Soooooooooooo first of all i would like to thank my mum for giving birth to me, then i would like to thank the University of Bath Hockey Club for giving me the necessary alcoho training and then my final thanks goes to Jenna Appleby for always keeping a drink in my hand (or a pitcher) when dominating the Montreal skyline.

Photos to show all the lovin:

Thanks HEChange, it was an amazing night! I'm really gonner miss these guys :-)


Shaken not stirred.

This year is the 100 year aniversary of HEC Montreal (1907 - 2007) so it means history, AND PARTIES. Saturday night is the "bal du siecle;"

Its at the Chalet Mont Royal which is at the top of the mountain overlooking Montreal, it has the view of Downtown pictured below; une vue époustouflante non?!

Although it is suposed to be -8 on Friday how the hell do you wear a ball dress with snow boots??? Hummmmmm probably a good job the ticket includes alcohol!!!


Boston take 2

I have a few more favourite photos (stolen from Jenpen, Scarl and Marie) ohh and some interesting facts to tell you :-)

The Boston Tea Party was an act of direct action by the American colonists against Great Britain in which they destroyed many crates of tea bricks on ships in Boston Harbor. The incident, which took place on Thursday, December 16, 1773, has been seen as helping to spark the American Revolution. 45 tons of tea were poored into the harbour waters that day worth an estimated £10,000. THATS ENOUGH TEA TO MAKE 24 MILLIONS CUPS!!!

Famous Harvard drop outs are Bill Gates and Matt Damon however those that managed to graduate include 4 US presidents and T.S Elliot. Harvard's library contains over 15 million volumes making it the largest academic library in the world. Ohhhh and they created Facebook there ;-)

Wicked photo of my favourite english gals :-)



Sooooooooooo this weekend was spend in Boston with HEChange. And there is one thing about these guys - when they use the adjective "sick" to describe a weekend....they mean it.

Jenna and I helped the journey speed by with the assistance of a bottle of wine, however we soon discovered that stinking of wine was not a good idea for immigration so proceeded to eat 3 tons of jolly ranchers and a monster bag of ruffles. After a light assault from a few american immigration officers we arrived in Boston at 8am, grabbed a bagle for breakfast (hehehehe) and then hit the Musuem of fine arts producing a ton of comedy photos. The afternoon was spend walking on Boston Common and doing our own tour round the Senate - NOTE TO READER do not do what we did and try and walk into the office of a US state senator...not a cool move however it's a really cool building with possibly the funniest signs ever (see photos below). On friday night we went to Boston's comedy club and had a night of side cracking giggles.

Saturday was HEC's organised tour with Harvard as a highlight. And yes I bought a t-shirt so I can pretend that I studdied there. Then there was a bit of plastic indulgence as we "visited" Macy's, and Abercrombie & Fitch....WHAT??...its all about experiencing American culture ;-)

Boston was no different to the other trips I've taken so far concerning INDULGENCE. I've never eaten so much in the space of three days; clam chowder, cream puffs, smoothies, cheesecake, ribs etc etc ohh and lets just say Jenna's Quebec City sick crown has been reawarded as someone topped her efforts in a Boston night club on Saturday night.

Anyway I am now a huge fan of Boston, it's such a cool city with a really nice vibe...but lets just say we wont be allowed back into any night clubs unless we dye our hair and have extensive plastic surgery.


So many things over here are obviously produced with no second thought as to the effect they might have. Just a small selection of photos of the dam mental things North America somehow produces!!!

Possibly the worst slogan of all time

We hope he had fun serving the city of Boston.

Possibly the best named subway station in the world.

The "english" isle in a supermarket

Produce from the "english" isle

Washing line anyone?

A park full of beds

A chistmas parade - IN AUGUST!!!

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