Schwoop schwoop

Nicky, Bliss and I road tripped to Swindon today to go ice skating during the prolonged end of exams celebration weekend. Was seriously impressed with Nicky's skating but then he is just a little bit Swedish and his skridskoåkning (ice skating) skills are therefore (apparently) a God given right. For some reason I only ended up with pictures of feet, but then my (Canadian) ice skates are terribly pretty!

I'm now sat drinking tea and have managed to devour the majority of a 200g bar of dairy milk chocolate. The TV signal in my house has vanished so my planned evening of a CSI marathon has been dashed and subsequently replaced with tidying. WILD.


Hosting a party?

Step 1 : send invitations via blackboard in kitchen

Step 2 : consume JD (other non-alcoholic alternatives are available but don't provide as interesting consequences)

Step 3 : pay people to appear and tell everyone they are your friends

Step 4 : Wiiiiiiiii

P.s. I am disturbingly skilled at Wii bowling, beware!


Here is your five pence change madame.

Went for dinner with my roomies this evening to celebrate the end of exams and although I know it's all finished now I still have that itchy uncomfortable guilty feeling that I should be revising rather than living. Dinner was yum and I had deep fried ice cream for pudding (queue evil cackling around the hip and bum area).



If only I could interpret that last quote into my marathon training, it might make exercise a hell of a lot more exciting!!!


Project procrastination

So I mIgHt Be SuFfErInG fRoM mErCuRy PoIsIoNiNg FrOm LaSt NiGhT bUt ThIs Is ThE kNiTtInG pRoJeCt I aM aBOuT tO uNdErTaKe. (thank you etsy, kudos NeedleNoodles)

Nash Nash

During a bit of afternoon procrastination I found a song of Kate's I hadn't heard before. It's cute:

I love this photo of Jenna and Miss Nash from a gig in Portland, we were both far too drunk to have the responsibility of navigating our way home. CORRECTION : Jenna was probably far too drunk to navigate our way home. Makes a nice change ;-)

Went on a sushi eating rampage hier soir avec les filles montréalaises. Sushi is one of those non-guilty food pleasures, the only negative effect it has is on the bank account. It really is quite astounding how much sashimi one person can eat in a single sitting.


Les fleurs

Mon grand-père a eu le jardin le plus fantastique du monde. Un vrai paradis où seulement les fées auraient habité. Aujourd’hui je suis triste…



Okay so let me set the scene: it's Monday and I've accidentally wandered into Urban Outfitters for a little post-Christmas retail indulgence, they were playing this song:

I've since become a little obsessed with Sébastien Tellier and I don't know why because the song is ridiculously ANNOYING but hey at least I'm branching out from the 15-year-old-boy-rock. And if it can't get any worse he apparently sang this song in Eurovision 2008 and got a hell of a lot more points than us Brits. Ha!

On a slightly related tangent, the hilarity that is The Eurovision Song Contest is on the 16Th of May this year so plenty of time for the Eurovision fancy dress party preparation. Bliss and I host the best Eurovision parties; at the start of the evening you choose your country and following their performance you have 5 minutes to morph into them using whatever you can find in the house. It requires a huge fancy dress wardrobe which we both posses .... dur .... and always leads to dangerous levels of alcohol consumption. Here are some old Eurovision party photos I found from 2006:

I was France (I do actually own a pink guitar but it was obviously missing during the photoshoot)

and Bliss was Sweden, OBVIOUSLY!!!

Finally it's both my mum and dad's birthday this week so HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We made them crazy card's this year, here is the one we made for my dad (making reference to his recent acting job in my film):


Beach shizzle

Location: Filey Beach.
Date: New Years Day 2009.
Attire: most loved but ugliest Micky Mouse jumper ever.
Missing: four insane asylum inmates.
Resolutions: none, life is pretty much perfect, but realistically I'd never keep them anyway...
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