Introducing Munthof 2010

A few lift booth photos of my (ace of base) flat mates. Breaking news; Bieke is no longer pregnant; she had a beautiful baby boy on Friday at 12.27! As yet he is nameless; but he's hairy and so crazily tiny. I'm (naively?) excited about baby life ... going to be an adventure!

All photos by Natalie Hill

Snowy Brussels


The scariest experience of my life!!!!!!!!!

On Monday I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work as a translator for a Belgian cartoonist called Pierre Kroll; he's a bit of a legend here in the Benelux political world (so don't be too heart broken if you're like ... "who!!"). Anyway, there was a big conference organised by European Commission here in Brussels called European Development Days where he (and I) were invited to illustrate (well I wasn't doing any drawing ... he didn't even let me touch his rubber) debates lead by heads of state and major political figures from all the world. He was illustrating the debates live and then I was translating his "bubbles" from French to English for the audience to understand.

Sometimes I take a step back from my life and wonder how the hell I ended up doing what I'm doing. I don't mean this at all in a bad way; work, travel and opportunity wise every day is an incredible gift but sometimes I can't help but chuckle and think how truly random life can be.

All photos by EDD


Flowers ;-)

I went out to take photos on Saturday and it was too cold for me to take my hands out of my pockets. I thought I'd moved to Brussels not Siberia ...


Provencal dreams

Brussels is turning out to be a pretty ace place to live. It's been really hard to get my head around the fact that I'm here permanently and not having to pack my bags in 3 or 6 months like per usual. Despite the Brussels lovin' there is still something about the South of France and the promise of almost eternal sunshine that I miss terribly, not to mention the militaires! There really is nothing better than a quaint Provencal village.


Knives kill

”To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them…”

Thanks Nat.


Lift booth

Just some of the amazing photos taken in our lift style photo booth with Natalie! See the rest of the incredible photo stream here!

Pop up photo booth

This weekend I organised a pop up photo booth in an lift with a great local photographer called Natalie. I love planning for crazy events at work. I'm so excited to see how the photos turned out ....


Lunch on Saturday


We'll if I can't take photos outside of work I might as well take them of work ;-) I have about 6 films waiting to be developed but I can't afford to get them developed here in Belgium .... 20 euros for a film ... who are they kidding!#@ oh well it means I get to have a very fun trip to the film store when I'm back in England in January!


(not so) Little Miss Cupcake

A few random photos to illustrate the building of a cupcake empire! 130 eggs, 6 kilos of butter, and god knows how many bags of flour ... never again do I want to see that many eggs (well until next month where we have to bake another 300 cakes).
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