Halloween (part1)

Michiel's Halloween party in Antwerp blew my expectations right out of the water; Belgium you did me proud!



I never thought I'd be one of those people whose lives got taken over by work and who just surfaced on weekends and then disappeared back into an abyss of paperwork behind a computer screen. Well to a certain extend that is now true ... i.e. work seriously interferes with a social life and means I can't have excessive lie ins on a daily basis ... however work is crazy and creative and is probably making my life a better place to be so I don't feel too sorry for myself ;-)


Welcome Home

Doesn't give a thing away does it ... but I got to mess around for 10 minutes with my camera before tea was ready. Now I'm peckish!


Hello I'm analog

Barbara was nice enough to invite me to contribute to here analog film project "Hello I'm analog" and this is the first of a few photos I'll hopefully be posting, check out her project here. (Ohh and it only seemed natural to submit a photo of a llama)


Tram to work

Now I'm in Brussels I can go to work on the tram if I want. I like trams .... public transport geek alert? Oh no!!! Super constructive and informative post here ;-)



My new house in Brussels is seriously knock out and I can't wait to take loads of photos of my new surroundings and neighbourhood. Seriously not coping well with working full time after getting used to 12 hours weeks last year in France; harsh realities of the real world ;-D
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