Days out with Dorothy

The weather is so beautiful right now, high twenties is seriously not normal and if you could guarantee the weather to be this beautiful all summer I'd never need to leave the confines of my garden, well only to grab another beer from the fridge in the kitchen. Anyway after introducing Dorothy (yes my old lady shopping bag has a name, and even a facebook page) to everyone at lunch on Saturday I felt it was appropriate to take her out for some shopping. She had fun posing for some photos too!



Today we went to the pub for Nicholas' birthday celebrations. Everyone was still tender from the night before: finishing university needs a lot of celebration and subsequently a lot of a alcohol. Anyhow my chickpea burger and fries made me feel a lot better. Dorothy even managed to pop along to say hi much to everyone's delight!

Weekly loves

Packages : especially when they are sent by lovely ladies like Carrie and are wrapped in 1970's newspaper and pink ribbon.

French and France : I finished my French degree on Friday and if I so desire I never ever ever have to speak French, sit an exam, or do a presentation EVER again. Despite this I'm feeling a lot of love to our European neighbours duly expressed in a weekend trip to the French market in Bath to buy a string of garlic and sweeties.

Sunshine: because sunshine means flowers and flowers mean chilling out in the park basking with no worries in the world.

Jason Mraz : this song just makes me want to dance like an idiot and smile constantly. Suppose I'm pretty dam happy at the moment, NO MORE SCHOOL EVER!

Happy weekend everyone :-D


Tattoo lust part deux

Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger?

Image : here

Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger? Stag or coat hanger?



The annual Bath duck race is a kinda BIG DEAL. Last year the high profile sporting event was sent into disrepute when the winning rubber duck (number 1763) was found to have used performance enhancing drugs in his bid to win the multi-million pound prize. A media frenzy has since surrounded this small Somerset May-day tradition and the authorities have been demanding frequent drug testing for the ducks involved in order to mitigate future scandal. “Today we have great testing,” said Smith, chairman of the Rubber Duck Racing Committee, during an interview with a local news station. “We have developed a great system and have noticed a decrease in drug abuse amongst the rubber ducks since last year. We hope that this progress means great things for the future of the race.”

The tricky down river course demands the ducks to negotiate fierce rapids whilst contending with crocodiles and countless other duck-eating-river-dwelling creatures. This is not a race for the faint hearted and only the bravest and strongest ducks survive.




Image : we make words

Had the most shiteous exam today. Remind me why I though higher education was a good idea? To compensate might go and get a stag tattooed on my ankle....


Tattoo lust

Because surely everyone needs a stag on their ankle !?

Image : Inside-Out


Just for Jenna

We unoffically left Montreal 1 year ago today. It's a sad day. How is it possible to miss a city so much? Going to put on 4 Non Blonds and eat a poutine....



Friday afternoons should be always spend in the pub with Pimm's, chess and flatmates, even if (as a chess strategiest) I totally suck :-D

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