Days out with Dorothy

The weather is so beautiful right now, high twenties is seriously not normal and if you could guarantee the weather to be this beautiful all summer I'd never need to leave the confines of my garden, well only to grab another beer from the fridge in the kitchen. Anyway after introducing Dorothy (yes my old lady shopping bag has a name, and even a facebook page) to everyone at lunch on Saturday I felt it was appropriate to take her out for some shopping. She had fun posing for some photos too!


Nicholas said...

I miss Dorothy already. Taking Dorothy under my wing is to bring me a pleasure that goes beyond lexicon and grammar.

Luna : said...

Beyond lexicon and grammar, whoza, you really don't get out much sunshine ;-) Dorothy has got her hands on a last minute summer ball ticket so you will see her then :-D

tis serendipity said...

Ahhaha dorothy's so adorable!! It's the chicest shopping trolley I've seen ever.

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