Saturday night : give a girl a pair of hair crimpers, some hair spray and a shop full of fluro lycra she will successfully turn her friends into doppelgangers of Russell Brand and Fame rejects :-D We organised a surprise Fame themed birthday party for Laura (manageress of my favourite shop on planet earth SWEATY BETTY). Anything goes as long as its TIGHT, BRIGHT and BACKCOMBED. We played charades for hours, forgot how much I love that game ohh and also check out the amazing cake that Nat made, it was totally covered in chocolates yumyumyum!

Russell Brand or Luna? Struggling to tell the difference, especially when the orange tutu (crafted earlier that day by Bliss) comes into play :-D

P.S YES I own a Spice Girls t-shirt, YES I paid a considerable amount of money to go and see them in Montreal last year and NO I am not ashamed!


Treasure maps

Maybe I am attracted to people who can't read maps, which explains why my friends can never find my house despite the fact they have been numerous times before for some kind of 70's themed food party. So I've been on the hunt for something to mitigate the amount of friends that get lost and never arrive whilst on their treacherous journey across town to what I like to consider the posh part of Bath ;-) and I'm hoping that this amazing illustration by Linzie Hunter will do just that :


This week: stuff we've made... and subsequently eaten

And I wonder why the 6.45am spinning class is making no different to my waist line...



Quite simply the greatest birthday feast of all times. However no matter how many parma violets I eat they still taste like perfume and a little bit like old person.... hummmmm


I don't wear my heart on my sleeve...

Ballet rocks my world at the moment, probably too old to admit that but hey mentally I'm still about 5 anyhow. If I didn't have enough to get excited about of late (ballet, finals, a new bell on my bike and general vegetarianism superiority) I realised that the Eurovision song contest is now only a matters of weeks away, better get planning the Eurovision party....

Ballet... so my hands might look like spades and I find it impossible to hold my ass and my stomach in at the same time (seriously it's hard, especially when both are kinda big and difficult to manoeuvre) but I do have kick-ass ballet tights....


Dude that better not be your feet...

If I needed any more confirmation that we're now middle aged then last night was it; we brought back the 70's in a big way with a cheese and cracker soirée with play-on-words french wine (chat-en-oeuf...get it). Meg assured that each of our "nationalities" was represented on the cheese board; French goat for her, Cornish camembert for Bliss and Yorkshire wensleydale for Ollie and I plus a few more classics. Yum scrum.


A photographer acquaintance of mine just emailed me some shots he took of Bliss and I for the RNLI during the Bath Half, brought back far too many painful memories! Since the run we might have cut down on weekly running mileage however we're both still regulars at the 7am spinning class. Sometimes I ask myself why, but then I remember it's all for the love of the Lycra :-D



I just randomly found the most amazing flickr set created by some dude called Hwa Young Jung whilst doing some Uni research on branding; "if you're English these are things you might have grown up with & therefore you feel is insignificant. They are new and fascinating to me. How brands you grow up with imprint themselves in your brain is amazing."

His sketches remind me of being in a Boston supermarket and coming across the "English aisle" and being fascinated about what they considered to be important products to ex-pats. Despite the fact I was very excited to see a few classics, there were a few products and brands I'd never even heard of (and due to the massive amount of food my smalish frame consumes I consider myself some what of an expert). Oh well, serious brownie points for effort :-D

On that note I'm going to put some toast on and crack open the Marmite. Love it or hate it? LUSH!


Inspect her Gadgets (the story of a seriously unfortunate team name)

Tour was amazing, although if I ever have to see a can of Strongbow again it will be far too soon (evil compressed into a can). Explaining the concept of tour to a French friend was difficult and just made me sound like an uncultured Brit (funny that...) the hockey isn't serious, in fact the bigger the loss the more respected you are. There's an "anything goes" kinda vibe with team challenges aplenty and cider for breakfast. Yum yum. Easter tour marks the start of the summer season so plenty more hockey related fun to come over the next few months at various festivals all over the country and I canny wait :-D


Tour Tour Tour

Easter wouldn't be Easter without a Gadgets tour... spending the long weekend hanging out with my hockey team at a festival in Bournemouth doing what we do best; boozing, playing some hockey, dancing like tits to bad 90's disco in a barn and catching up. This year I am determined not to end up in hospital on Easter Sunday with a broken jaw - Easter Sunday is my nemesis; two broken jaws ON THE SAME DAY two years apart. Bah!

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