Saturday night : give a girl a pair of hair crimpers, some hair spray and a shop full of fluro lycra she will successfully turn her friends into doppelgangers of Russell Brand and Fame rejects :-D We organised a surprise Fame themed birthday party for Laura (manageress of my favourite shop on planet earth SWEATY BETTY). Anything goes as long as its TIGHT, BRIGHT and BACKCOMBED. We played charades for hours, forgot how much I love that game ohh and also check out the amazing cake that Nat made, it was totally covered in chocolates yumyumyum!

Russell Brand or Luna? Struggling to tell the difference, especially when the orange tutu (crafted earlier that day by Bliss) comes into play :-D

P.S YES I own a Spice Girls t-shirt, YES I paid a considerable amount of money to go and see them in Montreal last year and NO I am not ashamed!

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