Immigrants and the city...and some Philly cream cheese

Another weekend of (you guessed it) INDULGENCE in New York with a result of financial bankruptcy and camera exhaustion. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING. I am a proud tourist hehe and we seriously did some New York attraction lovin' during the weekend...get ready to be bored....; Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, Financial District, Ground Zero, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Bloomingdale's, Sex and the City tour, Central Park, romantical horse and carriage ride, the Guggenheim museum, 5th Av, Trump Tower, sunset up the Rockafeller centre and a comedy club ohhhh and not to mention a good amount of shopping.
Carrie's steps from Sex and the city and cupcakes from Magnolia bakery
Ground Zero and the Empire State Building
View of the Empire State Building from the top of the Rockafeller Centre
Staten Island ferry lovin'
The Financial District

Puis a little hop over to PHILADELPHIA to stay with Ollie and have a mini Rivers Street reunion 4000 miles away from Rivers Street as Nomes was (totally coincidently) in Philly for the weekend. The tourism got off to a good start however we were smashed by 5pm and that lead to a very interesting night "Philly style." Never, and I say never, drink alcoholic slush puppies...its bound to end in pain the morning after!

The Philly skyline with some Ollie and Nomes lovin'
The art museum at the top of the "Rocky steps"
ONE SERIOUSLY AMAZING WEEKEND :-) MERCI BUCKET ohhhh and I am finally a proud owner of my I "heart" NY t-shirt and a Medium Brown Bag from Bloomingdale's :-)


One very big apple and one overly excited yorkshire lass!!!

As most normal broke 21 year old students do IM GOING TO NEW YORK TOMORROW!!! Seriously excited, the kind of excitement that is almost beyond words, wowowowow 21 years in the waiting and I finally have a reason to buy my I "heart" NY t-shirt. And if it couldn't get any better, on Friday I finally get to see Ollie and Nomes and dance like a wilderbeast for one night only :-D


Would you like ice with that sir?

I had my first ice skating lesson on Tuesday at the god unearthly hour of 7am and despite the fact that is probably the earliest I have ever been active in my 21 year existence I am more than ready to do it every day of the week. Wow, I love it, and I don't think I've ever been this motivated to learn! Genvieve and I even went to the Old Port for some romantical night time skating so I could show her what I learned hehe and so I can practise again before my next lesson. Watch out Torvil and Dean, Lorna is on the ice (that's supposed to be a "watch out your Olympic Medal record will soon be broken," not a "watch out because I have no control and might smash into you")!!!

Then obviously there was a splattering of nights out in various drunken stages during the week and before I know it it's back round to another week of lessons and frolics. I spend the last few days at Mont Tremblant learning to ski with Jenna and her sister Kate. WOWOWOWOW; another winter Canadian sport I could become quite attached too. Managed to spend a lot of time on my ass but also impressed myself at how much better I got over the three days; even managing a few bits of Blue runs by the end of the third day. The only inconvenience re. skiing in the COLDEST COUNTRY ON EARTH is the weather...today's temperatures were hilarious, a mere -34 degrees at the summit....I didn't know temperatures like that existed in the human world....let alone the fact that people did physical activities outside in them. However I am still alive....I have to be one of my few friends who has survived the experience of frozen snot (oh yes very very attractive) and whilst my body remained warm during the day I do think I left a few toes behind on the last run I did. I return to Montreal happy, aching and sore but still with both legs, arms, ears and eyes...ohh and accompanied by a wallet which is a considerable amount lighter.


On a hunt for the Irish

The Quebecois night on Friday was FREAKIN' BRILLANT if I don't say so myself. Cheap booze in Salon L'Oreal (the Quebec equivalent of a village hall) accompanied by Quebecois food, games and company followed by the craziest dancing EVER seen this side of the Atlantic. We went to this crazy pub/bar/club place called Les Deux Pierrots in the Old Town and boy does it live up to its "internationally renowned Montreal institution" reputation. A few wicked live bands playing traditional francophone music, coupled with some seriously wild dancing with all the new immigrants and the HEChange committee lead to one of the best nights out I've had in Montreal for a long long time (a sweeping statement perhaps after all out partying these past 6 months).

Then on Saturday night, in response to our new obsession (correction my new obsession) with all things "Ps I love you" related, we went hunting for an Irish pub filled with equally Irish hunks. Two English (Lorna and Jenna) and two Scottish (Dawn and Ross) in an Irish pub (Hurley's) which contained numerous drunken people and some ugly but vocally pleasing bands...ohh and a space lawyer (yes I know I also said WTF). All in all a wicked night out. I don't think I've ever "just been to the pub" and come home at 4am and I'm now seriously digging a bit of fiddle playing.

(I think I used brackets a little too much in that post...hehehe)



Don't really have very much to infom you on, however I'm bored and can't be bothered on the mountain of work I have already been set. Havn't decided on which classes I am taking this semester yet, I comitted the mistake of signing up to loads with the idea of dropping those full of freaks or taught by weridos however all of them were kinda interesting so will reserve my judgement for another week or so.

Last night me and the girls (ie Scarl and Jenpen) went to see Ps I love you and whoooaaahhh not a dry eye in the house (well on my part at least). I think that there was about 7 minutes of film where I wasn't crying my eyes out but still loved it ohhhhh and I have a new appreciation for hunks of the Irish variety:

Then tonight is another Quebecois night where the alcoholic exchange commitee have been charged with cooking for us again. Needless to say I will be eating before arrival out of fear for my life, and for sure will be nursing a monster hangover por la manana.



Intergration with Celine Dion anyone??

I like holidays, in fact I would go as far as saying that I love holidays, that is why it is even more painful for me to drag myself to my first class of 2008 second semester tomorrow!!!! However today was just a perfect end to a holiday and has put me in seriously jolly spirits for the next 5 months. HEChange planned a snow day and baby there was snow in abundance!!!!!

Ingredients =
1 bus full of exchange students
1 car full of exchange student organisers
1 mountain
1 escalator up mountain
1 month of snow
1 giant rubber ring for each person
1 death wish
Ohh and a set of appropriate snow clothes

Method =
Take giant rubber ring and travel up mountain on escalator. Choose appropriate death slide. Sit in rubber ring holding onto the ring of other exchange students. Find passing stranger to push. Scream as you fly down side of mountain remembering to pull unflattering faces for photos and videos. Reach bottom of mountain, hopefully still with dignity intact. Climb mountain to do it all again.

After three hours of tubing we moved onto a finish spa which is probably the most relaxing think I have ever done!! You had to move from a sauna, to an ice pool outside, to a hot thermal bath also outside, followed by relaxation room, a steam room, then under an ice shower then repeat the process over and over. It was amazing an a perfect solution to the battering of the tubing.

Then just when I think my life cannot get any better (hehe) we happen to come across CELINE DION'S MOTHERS HOUSE. Oh yes baby this is the closest I will ever come to sed Canadian goddess, so naturally we posed for photos! Thanks Joelle and Alex for an amazing day!


Long long time...

SOOOOOOOOO its been a while since my last trip to boredom (aka a blog) but its all been a bit crazy since the end of exams. I went back home to England for Christmas and New Year WHICH WAS WICKED, basically the holiday consisted of 9 days of sofa loving with numerous crappy Christmas films and copious tins of Christmas chocolates!!! Had a very strange Christmas day (sans extended family) because of the state of disrepair my house is in but was still a food fest, I've missed my mum's cooking lots!!!!!!! Lots of walks on the beach, bit of Ollie, Helen and Emily lovin' etc etc. New Years Eve was wicked, spent at Tash's (like normal) at one of his dinner parties that have become rather legendary. Around 50 bottles of booze were consumed leading to behaviour I am not claiming responsability for and a wave of destruction but a banterous night all round. Then before I know it I'm back in Montreal, as the plane landed the pilot announces that its -27 degrees outside and I know that life is going to be VERY different.

I hadn't been back in Canada 2 hours before I was in a car being driven up to Mont Tremblant. I was heading for dinner with the Appleby family who had been visitig Jenna for Christmas, nice times nice times!!! Then the last few days have been spent sorting my life out for next semester any buying colour coordinated ski accessories so that even if I can't ski for shit I look funky :-)

Most of the exchange students from last semester have left and have been replaced by 97 new ones........ my opinion is reserved as yet because we havn't had a lot of time to talk to them but if you're reading this YOU HAVE A LOT TO LIVE UP TO!!!!!!! Marie, Heta, Ann-Laurre, Eloise, Michiel, Linda, Benoit, Claire, Clara, Ulrike, Naty (and anyone else I fogot) I MISS YOU and you don't realise how strange it is being here without you all!!!

Intergration week is in full flow, with alcohol aplenty and many layers of clothing to prevent us from imminent death of freeeeeezing. Last night was the pub crawl followed by 737 (the club on the top of a sky scraper) and then Greg, Jenna and I spent 3 hours intense training on the ice today down at the Old Port (lots of romanticalness) so now I'm hungover with aching ice skating legs but ready for what this semester has to offer.....BRING IT ON :-D
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