Would you like ice with that sir?

I had my first ice skating lesson on Tuesday at the god unearthly hour of 7am and despite the fact that is probably the earliest I have ever been active in my 21 year existence I am more than ready to do it every day of the week. Wow, I love it, and I don't think I've ever been this motivated to learn! Genvieve and I even went to the Old Port for some romantical night time skating so I could show her what I learned hehe and so I can practise again before my next lesson. Watch out Torvil and Dean, Lorna is on the ice (that's supposed to be a "watch out your Olympic Medal record will soon be broken," not a "watch out because I have no control and might smash into you")!!!

Then obviously there was a splattering of nights out in various drunken stages during the week and before I know it it's back round to another week of lessons and frolics. I spend the last few days at Mont Tremblant learning to ski with Jenna and her sister Kate. WOWOWOWOW; another winter Canadian sport I could become quite attached too. Managed to spend a lot of time on my ass but also impressed myself at how much better I got over the three days; even managing a few bits of Blue runs by the end of the third day. The only inconvenience re. skiing in the COLDEST COUNTRY ON EARTH is the weather...today's temperatures were hilarious, a mere -34 degrees at the summit....I didn't know temperatures like that existed in the human world....let alone the fact that people did physical activities outside in them. However I am still alive....I have to be one of my few friends who has survived the experience of frozen snot (oh yes very very attractive) and whilst my body remained warm during the day I do think I left a few toes behind on the last run I did. I return to Montreal happy, aching and sore but still with both legs, arms, ears and eyes...ohh and accompanied by a wallet which is a considerable amount lighter.

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