On a hunt for the Irish

The Quebecois night on Friday was FREAKIN' BRILLANT if I don't say so myself. Cheap booze in Salon L'Oreal (the Quebec equivalent of a village hall) accompanied by Quebecois food, games and company followed by the craziest dancing EVER seen this side of the Atlantic. We went to this crazy pub/bar/club place called Les Deux Pierrots in the Old Town and boy does it live up to its "internationally renowned Montreal institution" reputation. A few wicked live bands playing traditional francophone music, coupled with some seriously wild dancing with all the new immigrants and the HEChange committee lead to one of the best nights out I've had in Montreal for a long long time (a sweeping statement perhaps after all out partying these past 6 months).

Then on Saturday night, in response to our new obsession (correction my new obsession) with all things "Ps I love you" related, we went hunting for an Irish pub filled with equally Irish hunks. Two English (Lorna and Jenna) and two Scottish (Dawn and Ross) in an Irish pub (Hurley's) which contained numerous drunken people and some ugly but vocally pleasing bands...ohh and a space lawyer (yes I know I also said WTF). All in all a wicked night out. I don't think I've ever "just been to the pub" and come home at 4am and I'm now seriously digging a bit of fiddle playing.

(I think I used brackets a little too much in that post...hehehe)

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