Week commencing 23rd of November outtakes / although I don't like calling them outtakes because I do quite like all four of them ... they just didn't link to anything ... and I like links ... and themes ... I'm rambling!


And when I’m drunk I dance like me dad, I've started to dress a bit like him. Early morning when I wake up I look like kiss but without the make up!

Le Bal à l'Ecole des Arts et Métiers d'Aix-en-Provence, now theres a hangover I don't want to revisit any time soon. 6 am rentrées are not good. Neither is champagne. Nor is getting 'out drunk' by a friends much younger sister. 5 photos is pretty poor showings of a 12 hour drinking session in ball dresses but really I have a collection of about 30 photos which are a little too inappropriate to share hehe. Dam, I think I'm getting old.


School is still OUT cos of swine so instead we've been finding other ways to amuse ourselves. That mainly means eating anything and everything we can get our hands on and then walking in the countryside to make ourselves feel like we are not turning into teaching equivalents of hippos. If you're ever in the area Bibemus is a pretty cool place for a strole, even though it does sound like it shares its name with the Devils cousin.



So this week has been mental, they closed my school because of swine flu (boarding schools and highly contagious diseases apparently don’t mix too well) and because of that there has been no one to eat the food … apart from the 3 language assistants who have no where else better to be than next to the kitchen eating everything and anything they can get their hands on. The croissants are past their ‘eat by date’ in exactly 32 hours. Better get munching.


How many achilles heel’s can one person have?

I spend a lot of time in café’s which kinda means I spend a lot of time drinking coffee. We like to stalk (cough) some hot waiters in the café next to the town hall and on Saturdays you can watch brides fret about whether they look sufficiently Cinderella esque before they get married in the adjacent church. Ahh before I fall in love I’m preparing to leave her. Her being Aix ♥♥♥

It's especially nice when someone else pays the bill ;-)
Okay ... so not strictly coffee ... but you can't deny it's not yummy.


Le château de Versailles and its gardens is one of the most beautiful places I have been in a really long time. I totally understand why the French got a bit chop happy and decapitated their King and Queen (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette) in the late 1700's. Property prices in Paris were getting mental and who wouldn't want to get their hands on this place! I literally spent hours wandering around the gardens much to the protest of my feet, might invest in roller boots next time!


Paris continued

After a while, when your feet hurt and you've been to every museum in a 15 km radius of your Lonely Planet map your photos start to represent a tourist on speed. .
But to cancel out the pain of your throbbing tourist feet evenings
are always best spent drinking vino with old Canadian lovers!


Paris, its just Paris. The most popular tourist destination in the world. Well its never just Paris is it mais voila, la première journée d'une anglaise à Paris. October half term rulz :
Dur, I was hardly going to pass up on a trip to Laudrée.
Blackcurrent is by far my favourite macaroon flavour.
Hanging out with your favouite parisienne is always nice!
Lunch on Ile Saint Louis. You have to try the famous Berthillon ice cream.
Climbing the tower of Cathédrale Notre Dame was the scariest
thing I've done in a while. Apparently vertigo and tiny tiny spiral
staircases don't mix but it's worth it for the views and the gargoyls.
Paris at night is just as beautiful.


Halloween ... the 31th (haha)

Question : What do you get when you mix a cat, Pippy Longstocking, a leopard, Harry Potter at a superhero fancy dress party, three army officers’ and a bunch of Bulgarians wearing wigs made from tinsel?

Answer : A super banging hangover.

Halloween was erm PRODUCTIVE this year. Note to reader, never pre drink chez Alice, make a cocktail for the road (consisting of half a bottle of gin and a quarter of lemonade) and follow it up with (free) banana shooters (yuck yuck) and pints of home brewed beer. Needless to say Sunday was pretty much a write-off. My costume was hardly my most original creation but I found the leotard at a flea market for 1 euro and thought that Halloween was one of the only times it would be socially acceptable for me to wear it au naturel without being considered a total freak. Ahhh, leotard love ♥

Nat struggled with a slight personality disorder on Saturday, she seemed
to think that when dressed as a cat one must also lick everything in sight!
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