Halloween ... the 31th (haha)

Question : What do you get when you mix a cat, Pippy Longstocking, a leopard, Harry Potter at a superhero fancy dress party, three army officers’ and a bunch of Bulgarians wearing wigs made from tinsel?

Answer : A super banging hangover.

Halloween was erm PRODUCTIVE this year. Note to reader, never pre drink chez Alice, make a cocktail for the road (consisting of half a bottle of gin and a quarter of lemonade) and follow it up with (free) banana shooters (yuck yuck) and pints of home brewed beer. Needless to say Sunday was pretty much a write-off. My costume was hardly my most original creation but I found the leotard at a flea market for 1 euro and thought that Halloween was one of the only times it would be socially acceptable for me to wear it au naturel without being considered a total freak. Ahhh, leotard love ♥

Nat struggled with a slight personality disorder on Saturday, she seemed
to think that when dressed as a cat one must also lick everything in sight!

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