Hello I'm on holiday!

Rach and I are currently sat on a train on our way to a sun filled weekend in Nice. I don't think I'm jealous of my family any more ;-)



This is my Gran and Gramps 20 years ago in the Lake District where we have a summer place. My family are all there this week like they are every year and I'm in France so I can't go. It's the first time I've not been on my family holiday in 24 years and I'm feeling a little jealous/sad. Love you guys.


His garden

In the middle of the Place D'Armes at the Lycée the Colonel has a little rose garden. As military tradition dictates, because of his rank he is the only person who is allowed to walk down the path through the middle of the garden. Everyone else has to walk around it. I'm a little jealous only he gets to walk through the middle :-D


Introducing (again)

My students are some of the coolest people I know but I never really post any of the 1 million photos I take with them because of privacy . I'm also not too great with names and I sometimes need a visual aide to help me remember who and when and what they were doing to help with grading etc. So I started getting them to draw a self portrait to stick on the front of their books and it never fails to refresh my aging memory.


Got meself a cactus or 30

I secretly really like spiky plants.



Mine's a Monaco. Thank you.


Come rain or shine..

There is always colour.



Is there anything better on a sunny afternoon than a chilled glass of rose?



I was in a field. Like.


Look at their eyes!

My flat mate and my sister!


Breakfast on the terrace

Fact! Alice's mum is a very nice mum!



We got the boat to an island called Portquerolles on Sunday which is off the south coast opposite Hyères-les-Palmiers / Toulon. The wee island is only 7km long so we spent out time wandering, eating , drinking and tanning which turns out to be the perfect recipy for a Sunday in mid-May.


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Et celle-là: "l'eau de mes nouilles coule le long de mes coudes," plusieurs fois rapidement svp. I like tongue twisters!


Beach meuf

Marseille with an "s"


Une inondation

I've been seriously snap happy between Italy and France over the past 3 weeks so prepare for a flood!

Looking down on Italy

Todays tongue twister : "Trentatré Trentini entrarono a Trento, tutti e trentatré, trotterellando" (or in English "Thirty three Trentonians (people from Trento, an Italian city) came into Trento and all thirty three trotting.")
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