Cake and sweatshops...hummm!

It's my birthday TOMORROW and I just finished my last home exam!!! Home exams are kinda weird, especially when given by my CSR (corporate social responsibility) teacher. The exam had no question, no word limit and no format and I'm left staring at my computer screen for about 6 hours thinking I love abstract but even this is a little too crazy for me. Anyway I abused the whole no page limit thing and went a little bonkers....I hope he likes reading 30 page novels on why sweatshops shouldn't be used as a model of economic development cos that's what I gave him.


Now lets go eat cake.


La fete de la lumiere

So as another revision period kick starts at HEC, quite naturally we find more interesting things to do in Montreal. This weekend was the opening of the lights festival (sounds dodgy when it's translated) which marks a week of amazing fireworks, free parties, live music and general random frolics in Montreal. Ice skating in the old port to random electro music in -15 weather is a lot more fun than it sounds. Ohh and talking of ice skating I played hockey with some of the guys from HEChange last week. I though it would be totally different to NORMAL HOCKEY but it was surprisingly similar, my biggest issue was my feet as I've never have to concentrate so hard on not falling over.


The valley of the 20 somethings....

It's my 22nd birthday on thursday (28th) puis Jenna's 21st on monday (3rd). Jen might still have a bit of life infront of her but as I am on the verge of bursting out of that 18-21 bubble I'm pretty much dead and burried. My boobs will soon be touching my knees, I'll need to start taking extra codliver oil and I will start making sensible life purchases like insurance, coffee tables, ironing boards and encyclopedia's. So maybe I'm being a little melodramatic, but indulge me, it's my birthday :-D




Ali, Kate and the West

It's Ali's 18th birthday today (20th of feb). Still werid thinking of my bro all grown-up and it's bad enough that he has control of my car while I'm here in Canada never mind the fact he is legally allowed to purchase alcohol!!!!

Yesterday was quite possibly the most expensive day of my life! Jenna and I booked the West Coast extravaganza; flying to Vancouver on the 1st of May and then flying back to Montreal from Vegas on the 29th. We have our adventurous hike through the Canyons and have booked to stay in the Hooters hotel (yes we are tasteless 30 something men who enjoy big breasted ladies).


Exam time = poooooooh



I am Canadian

Jenna wanted me to blog this (an advert for Molson Beer, the Canadian brew of choice)....I think she is feeling frutily Canadian today :-)



Not much has been going down this week due to finances and (dare I finally admit it…) work!! Saturday was a girly day spend at the Rockland Centre with Scarl and Bianca spending far too much of the student loan on clothes that I wont be able to wear in Canada until at least July cos of the bloomin’ sub zero temperatures but they are dam pretty all the same.

Then Jenna and I have begun to massively plan our trip to the West Coast, which kicks off when we finish exams at the beginning of May. Current destinations are; Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, the great Canyons and massive rocks of the west, and then finishing it all off with a 4 day binge in Las Vegas.

Mid terms all next week which means less of the party party and more sleeping…sorry I meant working. However still a lot of Quebecoisness happening grâce à HEChange and of course…SPRING BREAK EXCITEMENT WHOOP WHOOP.


Sick Spice

Since Quebec life has been very merry :-D I like Canada lots and lots, however I think you might have realised that by now. Our bonkers travelling has ceased for the moment as the work begins to pile up. However that does mean because we are not travelling, we have time to GO AND GET BLATHERED IN MONTREAL BEVERAGING ESTABLISHMENTS. HEChange socials, Cafe Campus, BallRoom, Dawns Birthday @ GoGo, Happy Hour (known over here as 4@7) etc etc etc. My liver is hurting as I am now on the third day of the biggest hangover of all time and I question myself for the 1 millionth time why the hell we do it to ourselves, or rather why Jenna and Bianca did it to me ;-) !

Apart from the alcohol I did "some" work this week ohhhhh and managed a day trip to Ottawa to skate on the largest skating rink in the world (and World Heritage Site); the Rideau Canal! It's 7.6km long (we managed 6.6km round trip) and the ice is over 2 meters thick. Its amazing to think that I was skating on something that I saw as a river the last time I was in the city. However it lasts less and less each year due to global warming; they used to have a skating season of over 3 months and now it is only a matter of weeks. Talking of skating the lessons are going well (I've probably gone and jinxed myself now though)!!! I can skate backwards and do a funny cross-over-feet-thing (obv the official term for the move) and theoretically I know how to do a pirrowet (sp!!??) but putting it into practise is a little more difficult. Note to reader = never go to a 7am ice skating lesson with the worst hangover of all time, its always going to end ugly.

Anyway another HEChange party to night in ode of Valentines Day and before I know it, it will be the weekend where I might just have to have more fun ;-)

P.s. decided to go to Florida on Spring Break so plenty of face rubbing will be done over the next 18 days :-D NICE TIMES NICE TIMES


Carnival Time

Sooooo my second visit to Quebec City took this place last weekend with (who else but) HEChange. We were going for the 400th aniversary of the Winter Carnival and the party spirit was definatly embraced!!! Following our arrival at lunch time we did manage to do about 1 hour of tourism before hitting the bars and sampling some local brew. Post pub we went like good little tourists to the ice hotel - one seriously amazing place to stay! It takes 22 men working 24h a day for 6 weeks to build the hotel at a cost of $105 million! All this for a building that will be little more than a giant puddle of water come april! Everything is lit by fiber optics because they don't emit heat and melt the place, and seriously EVERYTHING was made of ice from the chairs to the bed to the cups you drink out of. Also they have a chapel out the back where you can get married - seriously romantic but bloody freeeeeeezing!! Talking of cold, they give you a 30 minute lesson before you go to bed so that you know how to surive the night in a room made of ice!!!

Obviously there had to be more alcohol involved in the weekend!!! So after a quick visit to SAQ for our screwtop wine, we ordered room service and lapped up the luxury of hotel living. Then we headed to the same night club as last time (Chez Mourice) and to everyone's (my) amazement Jenna made it to the night club!!!

Sunday morning was a hungover blur however there is nothing better to blow those cobwebs away than a day in the mountains! We had a day of snow as we leant to snowshoe and went dogsledding in the woods for a few hours! Snowshoeing was hilarious!!! At first it seemed like the most pointless activity on the planet and it would have been easier to walk without the monsterous tennis racket attached to your feet however you soon realise that the snow is waist deep below and serious hilarity develops as you slowly sink sans racket! So with an increased love for the bonkers sport and we're planning to do some more next weekend.

Dog sledding was just as good as you can imagine! A serious princess vibe was happenning whilst you are getting pulled along in the sled and then as the driver you fell a bit like Father Christmas. An hour of dog bonding later it was time to return to Montreal cold, wet, but very happy :-)

NICE TIMES NICE TIMES!!! Next trip.....Ottawa this weekend :-D


Random Spice

I am now totally convinced that the Spice Girls were suposed to be a girl band of 6 with the addition of the quirkly named "Random Spice" making up the sixth member. However I do believe that position will be fiercy fought over bewteen Jenna (Randy Spice), Kate (Sexy Spice) and I (Random Spice). (Please note Kate came up with the Spice names...thus saving Jenna from years of embarassement after she names herself "Randy Spice"). Anyway the concert totally rocked!! Seriously boobyliscious costumes, a medly of the cheesiest memory crammed songs ever and I am now a proud owner of an adult sized Spice Girls t-shit. Ohh and we even managed to sneek a glympse of all the Spice Babies from our rafter seats.

This was the end of our "week at the Bell Centre" with a Mika gig earlier in the week! And although I think I would be able to preserve my street cred if I lied....I loved that too! Amazing sets and bonkers props not to mention the gayiest play list possibly ever. Long live CHEESE!!!

Quebec City for the weekend tomorrow with HEChange...the madness is never ending :-)
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