Random Spice

I am now totally convinced that the Spice Girls were suposed to be a girl band of 6 with the addition of the quirkly named "Random Spice" making up the sixth member. However I do believe that position will be fiercy fought over bewteen Jenna (Randy Spice), Kate (Sexy Spice) and I (Random Spice). (Please note Kate came up with the Spice names...thus saving Jenna from years of embarassement after she names herself "Randy Spice"). Anyway the concert totally rocked!! Seriously boobyliscious costumes, a medly of the cheesiest memory crammed songs ever and I am now a proud owner of an adult sized Spice Girls t-shit. Ohh and we even managed to sneek a glympse of all the Spice Babies from our rafter seats.

This was the end of our "week at the Bell Centre" with a Mika gig earlier in the week! And although I think I would be able to preserve my street cred if I lied....I loved that too! Amazing sets and bonkers props not to mention the gayiest play list possibly ever. Long live CHEESE!!!

Quebec City for the weekend tomorrow with HEChange...the madness is never ending :-)


Jenna said...

My Spice name was Raunchy Spice. Get it right. And I think we can establish from Saturday night's antics that the Randy Spice title should be redistributed...

Moi - Luna said...

alright raunchy spice calm down calm down ;-)

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