Sunday, yum. I don't have that whole Sunday blues thing related to the fact you have to go back to work/school the next day mainly because I no longer do either hehe and am in a semi-permanent state of nothingness.

Anyhow, I spent Sunday looking for books after my friend Jim redirected me back on more appropriate path (aka as far away as Twilight as physically possible). Yet the quest for books got a little side tracked when I came across the glasses and the seriously dodgy tomato ketchup lava lamp pictured below. Suddenly books seemed very insignificant and thrust into the shadow of the red glow emitted from this exceptionally ugly piece of lighting. Charity shop lovin' is quite possibly the best sort of lovin' around.

I accidentally deleted my iTunes library (if you didn't need further conformation that I'm a total clutz) and cannot be bothered to reload all 30,000gb of pure class. So I've been myspacing a lot. Here are a few of this weeks favourites : EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS, ERIC HUTCHINSON, SLOW CLUB, JOSE VANDERS, COEUR DE PIRATE and last but by no means least DETEKTIVBYRAN. Enjoy. Peace ☮


Holy shit this guy blows my mind

Max Wanger, by trade, is a wedding photographer. Quite simply his images are beautiful. No stereotypical vomit inducing matrimonial photos in sight. I am in love.


My favourite flower is the foxglove, although if I take into the consideration the rate at which my dad pulls them out of the flower beds in his garden they might actually be weeds..... So the legend goes foxgloves double up as faeries houses come night time, thats one nice looking pad. Ahhhh don't buy me roses, just buy me weeds :-D



I'm ashamed to admit what has consumed the last 72 hours of my life. Until now I considered myself to have semi-decent taste in literate, maybe I'd even be classified as well read, but oh no, in one swoop I've undone 23 years of hard work. I am ...... wait for it ..... addicted to Twilight. Four books in three days.... I've done nothing but sit on a rug in my back garden and read; no Internet, no television, no piano practice and very little verbal contact with anyone around me. I even set my alarm one morning so I didn't waste the whole day asleep and got up to read the final book. I mean seriously guys, a teenage vampire novel.... HELP ME!

I read a hilarious review from The Times which stated the book "guaranteed to suck in sulky 13+ girls for hours." Bah! I suppose the only thing that makes this situation remotely acceptable is the fact that I was drinking beer whilst destroying my literary prowess. If you haven't read them DON'T, not unless you are willing to be sucked in and kiss three days of your life goodbye. (P.s. Despite the guilt/shame I'm totally on my way to the video store to rent the film hehe.)



A few snaps from my family holiday. Coniston (the lake pictured below) was a hell of a lot colder than I ever remember it being as a kid.... in fact it took me a good 20 minutes to pluck up the courage to go further than my ankles. Also, have you ever tried a chocolate dip ice cream? Seriously lush! They literally dip you whole cone in hot melted chocolate that then sets and becomes a gigantic chocice. YUM!

Hope those that celebrated Missummer's eve had a blast; my parents and I made curry and drank champagne on our back terrace braving the cold (ha summer... what summer?). Finally, this is my favourite postsecret message from this week. Rather fitting as now Uni's over I have actually no idea what the hell I'm going to do with my life, and you know what, it's dam exciting :-D


Too cool for school

Been holidaying (can I really turn that into a verb?) with my family in the Lake District so expect lots of photos of mountains, sheep, flowers and lakes in the next few days. Its amazing how much has passed me by (news/gossip etc etc) and I've only been away for 10 days. Ohh and this is my baby sister, Chlo, outside our place in the mountains. I'm sure her dad must be someone Swedish because noone else in our family is blond.... hummm....
♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
Chlo and I are currently fighting over the denim shirt I'm wearing in this picture. It's pretty darn sexual you see.... and the supprinsing thing is that it belongs to me dad.... who'd have thought that Patrice could actually be so cool?



Kiel Mead have made dental work sexy.... maybe.... kinda?! I know this is kinda gross, in fact borderline ewwwwwwwwwww (my mom actually shrieked in horror when she saw it) but I think I'm in love.... I wore braces for 14 years, and in fact underwent major plastic surgery, twice, to reconstruct my jaw (the second time to rebuild it after I humorously shattered it by sneezing.... yes I've just taken special to a whole new level and you have my permission to laugh). After 20 hours of surgery and 8 months of eating nothing but liquids I think I've earned the right to wear a retainer round my neck....

Its $300 price tag is a little beyond my current budget (its 18k Gold) and any other time I would propose some form of DIY, but I think spray painting an old retainer gold is taking credit-crunch-chic to a level which not even I am willing to stoop. This will just have to remain something gross round someone else's neck!

On possibly the most random tangent I've ever continued with.... do you like the new pimped garden? Newly created outdoor picture frame from wool and string to capture the last of this year’s daffodils :



Is it wrong that 92% of the photos I have of Jenna and I also contain some form of alcohol? I don't know whats worse, the fact that 92% of our photos also contain alcohol, or the fact that I worked that out. (Note to reader, I guesstimated, I'm not actually that sad to browse through 4000 photos on a Sunday evening.... "cough") To all members of Alcoholics Anonymous I swear I have seen Jenna in daylight, when she or I weren't clutching either a pitcher, a shot or a cocktail.... maybe.... once...

♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥



Have you ever read the Famous Five stories or The Swiss Family Robinson? I saw these girls paddling down the canal and it made me feel nostalgic for all the books I read as a kid, so went to Oxfam and bulk purchased a lot of old classics to reread in the park. Never too old to believe in pirates and have adventures on the river, or at least imagine it!

I'm currently tidying my room, its an ongoing project that has so far taken me about 5 days! HOWEVER I'm totally going to make a shelf for all my trolls, might have to rebuy some of my childhood crazy haired friends first though! (Below image: The Selby)

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