Kiel Mead have made dental work sexy.... maybe.... kinda?! I know this is kinda gross, in fact borderline ewwwwwwwwwww (my mom actually shrieked in horror when she saw it) but I think I'm in love.... I wore braces for 14 years, and in fact underwent major plastic surgery, twice, to reconstruct my jaw (the second time to rebuild it after I humorously shattered it by sneezing.... yes I've just taken special to a whole new level and you have my permission to laugh). After 20 hours of surgery and 8 months of eating nothing but liquids I think I've earned the right to wear a retainer round my neck....

Its $300 price tag is a little beyond my current budget (its 18k Gold) and any other time I would propose some form of DIY, but I think spray painting an old retainer gold is taking credit-crunch-chic to a level which not even I am willing to stoop. This will just have to remain something gross round someone else's neck!

On possibly the most random tangent I've ever continued with.... do you like the new pimped garden? Newly created outdoor picture frame from wool and string to capture the last of this year’s daffodils :


young said...

Dude, I had braces, too. I must admit I kind of laughed inside at the thought of jaws breaking because of a sneeze (I'M SORRY I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!!). They had to operate an extra too out from between the roots of my two upper front teeth before they could start my braces treatment. It was a pretty freaky looking tooth! I have it still, somewhere.
Anyway! Pimped garden looks awesome! I love it.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Haha, that's quite funny. I had braces as a teenager, but I'm not sure I would want to immortalize these memories with the necklace. It's a crazy idea though.

Love the garden!

Ariella said...

teehee, that brace necklace is sort of ugly beautful in my eyes, but very interesting for sure :)

And I absolutely adore that garden picture frame!

jessica said...

that garden picture frame is too cool .

& i guess i shouldn't complain about having had braces for over three and a half years , then !
especially since i am getting them off tomorrow !
eeee .

Kitty said...

The braces necklace is fun if not a little odd, but still I like it!
Love the garden yarn frame though, amazing!
Kitty x

Hannah said...

.. 'but I think spray painting an old retainer gold is taking credit-crunch-chic to a level which not even I am willing to stoop'.. that had me laughing. I actually quite like it too! I think I would prefer it though if it was like a smaller section of the brace or something, to make it a little less recognizable and a little more abstract.

Your garden is AWESOME.

Isabel said...

Haha that retainer necklace is kind of cool! But I definitely don't have the dental cred to rock it.

sarah said...

WoW, the dental necklace is seriously freaky...but I think I sort of like it!

Mary said...

I only wore braces for a year from fourth to fifth grade, but I would still wear that thing, though not as deservedly as you.

Young Damsel said...

woah! that second picture is insane!

and thank you for your comment love (: hope you visit again soon<33


Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

Haha, brilliant.
I spent most of my life in braces, 5 infact, including the ever so sexy overbite aligning *shudder*
Not put off compleatly though as I would wear this around my neck.

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