I'm ashamed to admit what has consumed the last 72 hours of my life. Until now I considered myself to have semi-decent taste in literate, maybe I'd even be classified as well read, but oh no, in one swoop I've undone 23 years of hard work. I am ...... wait for it ..... addicted to Twilight. Four books in three days.... I've done nothing but sit on a rug in my back garden and read; no Internet, no television, no piano practice and very little verbal contact with anyone around me. I even set my alarm one morning so I didn't waste the whole day asleep and got up to read the final book. I mean seriously guys, a teenage vampire novel.... HELP ME!

I read a hilarious review from The Times which stated the book "guaranteed to suck in sulky 13+ girls for hours." Bah! I suppose the only thing that makes this situation remotely acceptable is the fact that I was drinking beer whilst destroying my literary prowess. If you haven't read them DON'T, not unless you are willing to be sucked in and kiss three days of your life goodbye. (P.s. Despite the guilt/shame I'm totally on my way to the video store to rent the film hehe.)


Maria Confer said...

I fell in love with the series just after the second book came out!! Like you said, you become consumed with devouring all the books in one sitting.

little shadow said...

Well if it can happen to you, then i'm sure I don't stand a chance.
At least you were drinking beer, that makes it somewhat more acceptable.

Shini said...

ahhaha I'd say cover up the book with some foil and read all you want :P you don't know how people judge by bookcover these days!

Luna : said...

shini thats a brilliant idea!! do you know what when JK Rowling released Harry Potter they designed an adult cover so that grown ups wouldn't feel embarassed if they were caught reading the so-called childs story on the bus etc. hehe

Luna : said...

ps, i'm glad i'm not the only "normal" person who got sucked in!

fritha louise said...

I think the beer makes it alright. I got sucked in and read them all really quickly too, but I have no desire to read them again now. I probably will by the time the next film comes out though! Love your rug by the way, it's supercute!

Anonymous said...

cool blog :)

Coralene said...

That is a totally magnificent quilt. I love it, seriously. Where did you get it?? Did you make it? I say read whatever you want, as long as you're reading it on that blanket!

Jo said...


I got sucked in on Friday... I was in London, waiting to catch the train from Euston when they had them half price in WH Smith. Now I have two problems
(1) The book is not half as bad as I thought it would be (aka I can't put it down unless I have to)
(2) I should have bought them all half price as quite blatantly I'm going to buy them all!!

Hope you're well chick!! Very jealous of the piano practice as I don't have a piano here. Maybe I'll pop round to play the Bobby Shaftoe duet sometime ;-)

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