Sunday, yum. I don't have that whole Sunday blues thing related to the fact you have to go back to work/school the next day mainly because I no longer do either hehe and am in a semi-permanent state of nothingness.

Anyhow, I spent Sunday looking for books after my friend Jim redirected me back on more appropriate path (aka as far away as Twilight as physically possible). Yet the quest for books got a little side tracked when I came across the glasses and the seriously dodgy tomato ketchup lava lamp pictured below. Suddenly books seemed very insignificant and thrust into the shadow of the red glow emitted from this exceptionally ugly piece of lighting. Charity shop lovin' is quite possibly the best sort of lovin' around.

I accidentally deleted my iTunes library (if you didn't need further conformation that I'm a total clutz) and cannot be bothered to reload all 30,000gb of pure class. So I've been myspacing a lot. Here are a few of this weeks favourites : EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS, ERIC HUTCHINSON, SLOW CLUB, JOSE VANDERS, COEUR DE PIRATE and last but by no means least DETEKTIVBYRAN. Enjoy. Peace ☮


Maria Confer said...

The glasses and lava lamp rock!! That really sucks about your iTunes!! :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah I totally agree! And it's worse when you come from a city where the weather is normally hot! because I'm from Barcelona and here it's aaaalways sunny! and as i'm moving in september to start uni i'll probably miss the sun and warmth!

anyways, thank you veeery much, love your pictures too!! and the glasses are so cool!


joanne said...

"as far away from Twilight as physically possible" - hahaha oh i could not agree with you more! and hey you like detektikbyran too! losing your entire itunes library has got to suck, major. you might want to try looking through last.fm as well.

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Mrs Trendy Rock* said...

I like your glasses! ;)

Young Damsel said...

deleted your library?! i would of died //:

Amelia said...

That first picture is so, so cute!

GracieFrances; said...

i love that first pic. it's really cute.
nice blog.

Katie said...

Hahah the ketchup lamp is actually pretty genius! In an off the wall kind of way. Love it! I haven't read Twilight, but am kind of tempted to... should I take this as a hint and stay clear? Haha :)

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog... this pics are great

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