Okay I've been sat here for 5 minutes and I can't remember my password for facebook.... this means I've been out of action for a little to long. I have not had a proper showera few weeks, instead I've been washing in rivers and streams accompanied (usually) by around 40 screaming 9-year-old Italian children. I cook my dinner on an open fire, dress like one of the Bradey bunch and to be honest I am not exactly sure where I am.... (somewhere in northen Italy.... near the Austrian border but exactly where is something I not only do not know but also do not care about). Swimming, art, hiking, screaming and FUN are the order of the day. Ahhh despite the lack of normalcy, and the bird nest that is calling itself my hair, I've never been happier.
Next step is Vencie, well just outside Venice on the northern Italian coast, where washing will be done in the sea and dinner will be served on plastic trays. I'll still be working for the same company, just in a different location. Then sometime in August.... ROMA, to hang out with my friend Amin from my exchange to Canada. Summer rocks. Hows yours? Ciao xx

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Maria Confer said...

Gorgeous pictures. Sounds like such a cool adventure.

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