Class of 2009

BACKTRACK! Okay so with going from one country to another, converting currency, eating food, learning languages etc etc etc I forgot to bore you all with my graduation photos! June 29TH 2009 Lorna May is officially a graduate of the University of Bath whoop whoop whoop. The day went a little like this :

Everyone was waiting outside the Abbey eager for the ceremony to start,
All my friends were there looking BEAUTIFUL of course,

Then after the ceremony we posed for some darn sexual family photos,
And of course everyone had to try on the mortor board

Finally, COCKTAILS to celebrate :-D
After the early morning alcohol we went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant for lunch which was beyond lush but I'll save those photos for another rainy day :-D
P.S has anyone seen the latest Harry Potter film ..... is it good? I'm still in Italy and DYING to see it but realistically watching it in a language in which I understand 73 words (and that figure is accurate, I counted) is probably not a great idea. It's never going to be the same if I have to watch it on DVD. Sob.

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