Long long time...

SOOOOOOOOO its been a while since my last trip to boredom (aka a blog) but its all been a bit crazy since the end of exams. I went back home to England for Christmas and New Year WHICH WAS WICKED, basically the holiday consisted of 9 days of sofa loving with numerous crappy Christmas films and copious tins of Christmas chocolates!!! Had a very strange Christmas day (sans extended family) because of the state of disrepair my house is in but was still a food fest, I've missed my mum's cooking lots!!!!!!! Lots of walks on the beach, bit of Ollie, Helen and Emily lovin' etc etc. New Years Eve was wicked, spent at Tash's (like normal) at one of his dinner parties that have become rather legendary. Around 50 bottles of booze were consumed leading to behaviour I am not claiming responsability for and a wave of destruction but a banterous night all round. Then before I know it I'm back in Montreal, as the plane landed the pilot announces that its -27 degrees outside and I know that life is going to be VERY different.

I hadn't been back in Canada 2 hours before I was in a car being driven up to Mont Tremblant. I was heading for dinner with the Appleby family who had been visitig Jenna for Christmas, nice times nice times!!! Then the last few days have been spent sorting my life out for next semester any buying colour coordinated ski accessories so that even if I can't ski for shit I look funky :-)

Most of the exchange students from last semester have left and have been replaced by 97 new ones........ my opinion is reserved as yet because we havn't had a lot of time to talk to them but if you're reading this YOU HAVE A LOT TO LIVE UP TO!!!!!!! Marie, Heta, Ann-Laurre, Eloise, Michiel, Linda, Benoit, Claire, Clara, Ulrike, Naty (and anyone else I fogot) I MISS YOU and you don't realise how strange it is being here without you all!!!

Intergration week is in full flow, with alcohol aplenty and many layers of clothing to prevent us from imminent death of freeeeeezing. Last night was the pub crawl followed by 737 (the club on the top of a sky scraper) and then Greg, Jenna and I spent 3 hours intense training on the ice today down at the Old Port (lots of romanticalness) so now I'm hungover with aching ice skating legs but ready for what this semester has to offer.....BRING IT ON :-D

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