Intergration with Celine Dion anyone??

I like holidays, in fact I would go as far as saying that I love holidays, that is why it is even more painful for me to drag myself to my first class of 2008 second semester tomorrow!!!! However today was just a perfect end to a holiday and has put me in seriously jolly spirits for the next 5 months. HEChange planned a snow day and baby there was snow in abundance!!!!!

Ingredients =
1 bus full of exchange students
1 car full of exchange student organisers
1 mountain
1 escalator up mountain
1 month of snow
1 giant rubber ring for each person
1 death wish
Ohh and a set of appropriate snow clothes

Method =
Take giant rubber ring and travel up mountain on escalator. Choose appropriate death slide. Sit in rubber ring holding onto the ring of other exchange students. Find passing stranger to push. Scream as you fly down side of mountain remembering to pull unflattering faces for photos and videos. Reach bottom of mountain, hopefully still with dignity intact. Climb mountain to do it all again.

After three hours of tubing we moved onto a finish spa which is probably the most relaxing think I have ever done!! You had to move from a sauna, to an ice pool outside, to a hot thermal bath also outside, followed by relaxation room, a steam room, then under an ice shower then repeat the process over and over. It was amazing an a perfect solution to the battering of the tubing.

Then just when I think my life cannot get any better (hehe) we happen to come across CELINE DION'S MOTHERS HOUSE. Oh yes baby this is the closest I will ever come to sed Canadian goddess, so naturally we posed for photos! Thanks Joelle and Alex for an amazing day!

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