I just randomly found the most amazing flickr set created by some dude called Hwa Young Jung whilst doing some Uni research on branding; "if you're English these are things you might have grown up with & therefore you feel is insignificant. They are new and fascinating to me. How brands you grow up with imprint themselves in your brain is amazing."

His sketches remind me of being in a Boston supermarket and coming across the "English aisle" and being fascinated about what they considered to be important products to ex-pats. Despite the fact I was very excited to see a few classics, there were a few products and brands I'd never even heard of (and due to the massive amount of food my smalish frame consumes I consider myself some what of an expert). Oh well, serious brownie points for effort :-D

On that note I'm going to put some toast on and crack open the Marmite. Love it or hate it? LUSH!

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Jen said...

ah i remember that aisle. good times. apparently we live on a diet of biscuits, chocolate, soup and ketchup. yum.

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