The annual Bath duck race is a kinda BIG DEAL. Last year the high profile sporting event was sent into disrepute when the winning rubber duck (number 1763) was found to have used performance enhancing drugs in his bid to win the multi-million pound prize. A media frenzy has since surrounded this small Somerset May-day tradition and the authorities have been demanding frequent drug testing for the ducks involved in order to mitigate future scandal. “Today we have great testing,” said Smith, chairman of the Rubber Duck Racing Committee, during an interview with a local news station. “We have developed a great system and have noticed a decrease in drug abuse amongst the rubber ducks since last year. We hope that this progress means great things for the future of the race.”

The tricky down river course demands the ducks to negotiate fierce rapids whilst contending with crocodiles and countless other duck-eating-river-dwelling creatures. This is not a race for the faint hearted and only the bravest and strongest ducks survive.


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