The scariest experience of my life!!!!!!!!!

On Monday I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work as a translator for a Belgian cartoonist called Pierre Kroll; he's a bit of a legend here in the Benelux political world (so don't be too heart broken if you're like ... "who!!"). Anyway, there was a big conference organised by European Commission here in Brussels called European Development Days where he (and I) were invited to illustrate (well I wasn't doing any drawing ... he didn't even let me touch his rubber) debates lead by heads of state and major political figures from all the world. He was illustrating the debates live and then I was translating his "bubbles" from French to English for the audience to understand.

Sometimes I take a step back from my life and wonder how the hell I ended up doing what I'm doing. I don't mean this at all in a bad way; work, travel and opportunity wise every day is an incredible gift but sometimes I can't help but chuckle and think how truly random life can be.

All photos by EDD


jackie said...

Wow, that's an experience you can't have everyday - I would be terrified if I were to sit there, I'd be scared of making any mistakes! Looks like you've done a great job, well done Luna!

allison said...

That is SO cool! Life is funny that way - and yours seems to be full of random amazing moments.. a cupcake shop, elevator photo shoots, and now high profile translating gigs?! Amazing!

Jen said...

Wow Lorn!! Claudine would be so proud!! x

Barbara said...

wow i'd be terrified too

Luna : said...

ha i think i'm still shaking just looking at the photos!!!

and jen; yes i hope claudine would love it!! (also maybe bilger as i met eva joly yesterday)

Jo said...

You do have a most fantabulous life! And you look fab on those pics!! x

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