Okay so let me set the scene: it's Monday and I've accidentally wandered into Urban Outfitters for a little post-Christmas retail indulgence, they were playing this song:

I've since become a little obsessed with Sébastien Tellier and I don't know why because the song is ridiculously ANNOYING but hey at least I'm branching out from the 15-year-old-boy-rock. And if it can't get any worse he apparently sang this song in Eurovision 2008 and got a hell of a lot more points than us Brits. Ha!

On a slightly related tangent, the hilarity that is The Eurovision Song Contest is on the 16Th of May this year so plenty of time for the Eurovision fancy dress party preparation. Bliss and I host the best Eurovision parties; at the start of the evening you choose your country and following their performance you have 5 minutes to morph into them using whatever you can find in the house. It requires a huge fancy dress wardrobe which we both posses .... dur .... and always leads to dangerous levels of alcohol consumption. Here are some old Eurovision party photos I found from 2006:

I was France (I do actually own a pink guitar but it was obviously missing during the photoshoot)

and Bliss was Sweden, OBVIOUSLY!!!

Finally it's both my mum and dad's birthday this week so HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We made them crazy card's this year, here is the one we made for my dad (making reference to his recent acting job in my film):

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Rosie said...

I actually listen to Les Fatals Picards (France 2007) out of choice. Best Eurovision EVVVEEERRR.

Your Eurovision parties sound fab fab fab.

Hello, by the way. :) It's me, Rosie P-W xxx

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