Here is your five pence change madame.

Went for dinner with my roomies this evening to celebrate the end of exams and although I know it's all finished now I still have that itchy uncomfortable guilty feeling that I should be revising rather than living. Dinner was yum and I had deep fried ice cream for pudding (queue evil cackling around the hip and bum area).


Anonymous said...


i have a plan to become the HECHANGE for this year so i tried to gather some information about it. Your blog just gave me a wonderful picture!!!!! I hope I will enjoy life at HEC as u did!

anyway, i have 1 question, is it OK if i canNOT speak French to learn at HEC?


Moi - Luna said...

Hey Pang, glad I was able to show you a bit about HEC life, Montreal is such an amazing city!

HEC is trilingual so lectures are taught in both english, spanish and french. I would say 99% of the exchange students speak fluent english so don't worry about making friends, and all your teachers and support staff also speak fluent english and french.

Have an amazing exchange!

Anonymous said...

Hello again! :-)

Thanks for your reply! it relieved me very much since I found in HEC website; it said;
"Studying and student life at HEC Montréal require a mastery of French, even though reference texts and manuals may be in English in a number of disciplines. As such, sufficient knowledge of English is also necessary."

This made me really nervous!

Anyway, My name is Pang from Thailand. And I may be the first Thai at HEC since I cannot find someone to give me any information! So you may not know how appreciate I am when i saw your reply! :-)

Can I ask another question : About the studying? Is it too hard? Do you have to read books all the time and compete with your classmate?
I really want my exchange life to be like 'holiday', not to study all the time, and I really hope i'll enjoy HEC like you did!

Thanks very muchhhh, You are the best!

Moi - Luna said...


Don't worry your exchange will be totally amazing, I say that without a doubt!!! So many parties, trips, friends etc so make the most of every opportunity.

I studied in French so found the work harder than usual just because I had to translate everything. However english classes tend to be pretty easy as they are designed for exchange students who have other things to do than study ;-) Be prepared to do quite a lot of group work and look at the time and location details of your classes; it is easy to organise your timetable so you don't have any early morning classes and you can organise your timetable so you have a 4 day weekend or no final exams.

Feel free to ask anything you need to know, I'm more than happy to share my experiences :-D


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