Bye bye Kate, hello hanogver

Sooooooo Jenna's sister Kate has been staying for a few weeks and finally last night decided to abandon us in MTR and head to to Mont Tremblant for the winter cos shes working up there while on her GAP year. So naturally we celebrated. Dinner at my favourite restaurant followed my cocktails at my favourite bar, perfection. Wakamono is the best sushi restaurant in the world that has all these crazy creations eg strawberry, sesame seed and salmon makis which sounds grose especially when they give you strawberry yogurt to dip it into it but its delicious. Then onto GoGoLounge for cocktails, this bar rocks, no other word for it. You get to sit in these massive chairs moulded into hands and drink expensive cocktails in Sex in the city esque glasses whilst groovin to the coolest DJ. My god i sound like a restaurant reviewer haha. Needless to say the 3am return home in the snow was "interesting." My god its freeeeeeeezing!



LEADING TO........................

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