Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!

37cm of snow in 24 hours; "most snow never on the ground in Montreal by December 3rd" whoop whoop whoop! I think it's about time I stopped denying that winter is here and my god I've never seen snow like it. A few pictures below to illustrate meee city under the snow, bit crappy light but you get the message, the one of my back garden of the table shows just how deep it was this morning yet its continued to build up all day and i now cannot see the table hehe. I don't know what it is about snow, but I'm now feeling sickeningly festive, mum sent me an advent calendar (the non chocolate variety like normal) and everywhere is decorated (including my irritatingly noisy neighbours who have embraced the inflatable Santa Clause concept) and the next thing you know I'll be downloading Christmas music DADADA!!!!!!! Apart from the imminent death of burrial by snow life is gooooood, rather stressed with work as I have like 3 million presentations and 5 million assignments in this week and cannot believe I spent nigh on 15 hours in front of my computer yesterday, Lorna = 1 mahusive geeeeeeek. Last Cafe Campus night out tomorrow with a few supprises in store before the exams...I cannot wait for the madness to begin!

Montreal: 7 Day Weather Forecast for this week
Monday -14°
Tuesday -8°
Wednesday -5°
Thursday -16°
Friday -13°
Saturday -17°
Sunday -9°

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