Sooooooooooo this weekend was spend in Boston with HEChange. And there is one thing about these guys - when they use the adjective "sick" to describe a weekend....they mean it.

Jenna and I helped the journey speed by with the assistance of a bottle of wine, however we soon discovered that stinking of wine was not a good idea for immigration so proceeded to eat 3 tons of jolly ranchers and a monster bag of ruffles. After a light assault from a few american immigration officers we arrived in Boston at 8am, grabbed a bagle for breakfast (hehehehe) and then hit the Musuem of fine arts producing a ton of comedy photos. The afternoon was spend walking on Boston Common and doing our own tour round the Senate - NOTE TO READER do not do what we did and try and walk into the office of a US state senator...not a cool move however it's a really cool building with possibly the funniest signs ever (see photos below). On friday night we went to Boston's comedy club and had a night of side cracking giggles.

Saturday was HEC's organised tour with Harvard as a highlight. And yes I bought a t-shirt so I can pretend that I studdied there. Then there was a bit of plastic indulgence as we "visited" Macy's, and Abercrombie & Fitch....WHAT??...its all about experiencing American culture ;-)

Boston was no different to the other trips I've taken so far concerning INDULGENCE. I've never eaten so much in the space of three days; clam chowder, cream puffs, smoothies, cheesecake, ribs etc etc ohh and lets just say Jenna's Quebec City sick crown has been reawarded as someone topped her efforts in a Boston night club on Saturday night.

Anyway I am now a huge fan of Boston, it's such a cool city with a really nice vibe...but lets just say we wont be allowed back into any night clubs unless we dye our hair and have extensive plastic surgery.

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