HEChange on s'mélange!!!

You know you're an exchange student @ HEC if :

  1. Half your budget was spent on 7$ pitchers of beer at Café Campus
  2. You know Danilo from HEChange for many reasons, the good, the bad, and heavy on the ugly. You've welcomed Danilo to your house party and he managed to finish your beer and pass out on a couch before the party ended.
  3. Your first reaction when hearing the québécois accent was : awwww f**k...
  4. You either love or hate poutine. Either way, its always an extreme position
  5. You've been on a trip where the understanding was : What went on in ***** stays in *****!
  6. You can relate very well to the movie L'Auberge espagnole.
  7. Youve lost count of the amount of people you made out with.
  8. You've concluded that at least 6 members of the HEChange comitee are most likely there just to hook up with exchange students
Why all the sentimentatilty? Well last night was the Fall Gala for all the exchange students. One amazing Moulin Rouge Spetcular.

Location : Salon L'Oreal...hardly the sexiest of locations (its like a sports hall for all u none HEC peops) and everyone was doubting how they would ever pull off an event there...but my god they managed it. An amazing emotional night involving too much alcohol (supprise supprise), games, awards, dancing and immigrant loving.

The decorations were great and they made this amazing video montage of all our parties and trips to music which was just wicked. Ohh and lets just say I did the Brits proud by winning the "biggest party girl" award. Soooooooooooo first of all i would like to thank my mum for giving birth to me, then i would like to thank the University of Bath Hockey Club for giving me the necessary alcoho training and then my final thanks goes to Jenna Appleby for always keeping a drink in my hand (or a pitcher) when dominating the Montreal skyline.

Photos to show all the lovin:

Thanks HEChange, it was an amazing night! I'm really gonner miss these guys :-)

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