Italy on film

I've just had photos developed from my Italy trip back in May; I wanted to wait until I was back in the UK to develop them because it cost about 20 euros to get a 24 exposure developed in France and then quality was seriously shabby. Anyway, this is the first time I've scanned prints and the quality is horrible compared to the actual print which is kinda frustrating; is there anyway I can stop it being so grainy and closer to the original image?? Humm ... ohh and see that GIANT pot of Nutella, we went through 3 of those a week with the kids, oh yes, just hand me a spoon baby!


jackie said...

The tone of these photos are very nice! I really like the little vignetting on the basketball net photo.

johanna said...

OMG nutella!! Wanna take a look on my blog? maybe we could follow each other?

Barbara said...

oh film rocks!!!!!
great pics!!

melly said...

Alarmingly huge pot of nutella!!! Did you guys all go a little nutty after it?

The photo of the artichokes is beautifully taken!

allison said...

I LOVE these! Isn't it crazy how expensive film is to process? Nonetheless I hope you keep doing it :D

Luna : said...

dude, its not only expensive but hardly anywhere in my local town will process (and even then they send the film away and you finally see your photos 10 days later), i think its kinda sad how there has been such a decline but hey, there is always nutella to cheer me up ;-)

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