Le rêve

i'd live here

and drive this

ohh and here's the view from the garden

everything would be coral,

and Dorothy (Phase 2) would be my shopping companion!


Becky said...

Yeah, I'd take that life. What a view!

Beckerman Girls said...

LOVE THESE PICS!!! WE could EASILY live in a CORAL house and with that view!!! STUNNING! All your forgetting is a hot Abercrombie Boy Toy to hold all my shopping bags! haha
xo The Beckerman Girls


Ashley said...

Oh yea, I'd gladly live this life! Wanttttt that house, and that view! Gorgeous!


Barbara said...

i'd take that life too :) nice pics!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I absolutely love the house, the hippie van and everything! I would sooo take that life too :)


melly said...

RIDICULOUS, how can any place look this good!

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