Lets start at the very beguinning..

So a certain someone recommended I did this so I would remember exactly what the hell I did this year! I understand already why, three weeks have gone by and it seems like 3 months, time fly’s and ill forget all the stupid things before i know it. Even if no one ever reads it I can look back on this blog and cringe at my “attempts” of writing and if they do then it will be a permanent record of Lorna, Jenna and Scarlett’s drunken debauchery!

I've realised I'm launching headfirst into this (like most things in my life), so maybe I should backtrack! For those of you are new acquaintances, just being nosey, or old friends I've lost touch with, I'm here in Montreal, Canada, on placement from the University of Bath for 9 months (August 2007 until May 2008). I'm studying at HEC (a french business school) accompanied by two other bathions Jenna and Scarlett. This is going to by my blog, serious and stupid, a real window into what we're doing; our stupidity, achievements, memories, photos.

Anyway the MOST HORRIFIC THING THAT HAS HAPPENNED SO FAR IS THAT MY GHD'S DONT WORK, yes I know its hard for you to imagine how terrible I currently look, people have cried, children have run away in terror etc etc etc but imagine this, I will soon be able to get a place in the Rocky Horror Show pretty easily because it will be so much cheaper for the costume department! Apart from the hair, and the imminent liver failure from all the booze everything is wicked!

I’ve found a house living with Rhiannon, a young Anglophone Canadian whose parents (quite randomly) come from Sheffield, a French computer science student from Paris called Ben, a half French half Peruvian phiosiotherapist called Alex and a French Canadian technician called Kevin. Almost a real auberge espanol! The place is lovely and I have a mahusive room equipped with enough wardrobe space for the whole of 1 Rivers Street (miss you girlies). I’m directly in the middle, i.e. between uni and the social heart of the city so its pretty handy. Also I'm close to the most amazing market in the world, Jenna and I have become addicted to the fresh corn!! Wow, corn, corn, corn!! So book your places now cos Lorna’s magical mystery tour of Montreal will only be available until May 2008.

Lectures started on Thursday, arggggg, the first was even more boring than 3 hours with Szarka!!! He told me there were 23 countries in the EU and from that moment on I wanted to leave, ha. The second was more successful, International Culture, a really wicked lecturer but he has a really strong Quebecois accent so god knows what he was saying, well I understood the bits I understood. Hummmmm. My other classes are Marketing, Organisational Behaviour and Habiletes de direction (don't really know how to translate it into English) and the wonderous french grammar!

Anyway I think I should stop writing now, before I start thinking that I’m actually any good at this. Lots of love from across the pond! x

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