Scarlett phase 2

You'd think that in the 21st century there would be some cure for the terrible maladie known to us all as "foot in mouth" disease, alas all possiblities have been explored and it has become clear that Scarlett Seagear is suffering from one of the most advanced forms of the condition known to the medical world. For those of you not familiar with the term, "foot in mouth" disease is a verbal condition where the sufferer often speaks without thinking thus creating long periods of awkward silence or hysterics for those surrounding sed sufferer. Below I invite you all to share in the latest week of Scarlisms, if we can't cure her, we might as well enjoy her :-)

Scarlett "She is either pregnant, or she's had her hair cut!"

Scarlett "Is that lemon or gucuamoli?"

Scarlett "When was Brazil in the eurovison song contest?"

Scarlett "Do snakes have sex?"

Scarlett "What's a hemishpere? How many hemispheres are there? Are there 2?"

Scarlett "Is it a 69 or a 98?"

Scarlett "'A fictional character I would like to go out with? Hummmm, maybe a Rugrat!"

When looking further into the condition one discovers that many a celebrity also suffers from this verbal problem and that there is even an award given anually, shotgun nominating Scarl!

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