Yohoho me hearties!!! I have a lot to inform you of since my last pointless ramblings! I'M GOING TO CUBA WITH THE GIRLS!! Oh yes, 1 week of sun, rum, cigars, “culture” and communism during fall break (October 22nd-29th). HEChange (the exchange committee at my uni) are probally the best organisation in the world!!!! They organise all these trips and events on a voluntary basis all to improve our "Canadian" expeirence. Out itinerary is somewhat sketchy as yet, but don’t worry, I’ll be gloating about it plenty enough over the next 43 days but already something tells me this small northern Caribbean island wont know what’s hit it :-)

Friday night was spent with HEChange and I had the most amazing time. They organised a "Quebec night" where the beer was cheap, the food was NASTY and the aim was culture. They made me eat poutine!! Its "quintessential Canadian comfort food" that has only three ingredients; french fries, cheese curds and brown sauce, (not HP brown sauce, like sauce that was brown...hummmm kinda like gravy but not gravy...) Anyway I'm open minded but PLEASE DON'T FEED ME THAT AGAIN! Hehe apparently if you have it at a proper restaurant then its good, but a word from the wise, never ever eat it when its been prepared by a group of HEChange organisers who are hell bent on turning 150 exchange students into alcoholics before going home for Christmas. After the gastronomic delights of dinner we went to a club called Altitude 737 which was for sure the coolest club I've been to over here. Being situated on the top of the the tallest office tower in Montreal means it has quite possibly the most amazing view in the world. Dancing beneath the stars on the 42nd floor might mean this club only has a summer long lifespan but the view makes it totally unforgettable and some how it justifies the numerous alcoholic beverages I consumed :-). After we left the club we ended up in possibly in the strangest senario of all time, a lock in at a Greek pizaria run by a crazy mafia esque Italian man and a lady from Shropshire. You can't get much wilder than illegal pizza at 3.30am when being greeted by "how many are you??.....4??....please come quickly." Classic night out!

This weekend has been spend WORKING. Yes I know it's dull but after my muck up last week (Scarl and I were supposed to hand in an assessment for one of our classes but we didn't do it because we didn't even understand that we had been set work never mind we had some to do!) I thought I better spend a weekend with my books which coincidentally COST ME A DAM FORTUNE! Unlike at Bath the library here sucks and has none of the core text books. This means you have to buy them all or fail, although something tells me that just buying them alone isn't going to help me pass, I might have to open them dumdumdum!!!!!

I am also majorly excited in the geekiest of ways possible because Ségolène Royal is coming to speak at the University of Montréal next week. After the lack of Nick Griffiths at Bath last year I'm so happy I have the opportunity to hear her speak, not that I'm likening the leader of the British National Party to the socialist party candidate in the French 2007 elections, Bliss will understand what I mean so ask her :-). Anyway, after my obsessively massive project on her last year at Uni it's a bit like getting to see Santa Clause, I told you I was feeling geeky!

After that bit of interlectualness I feel it's important to lower the tone again and highlight the fact that its almost Tuesday again so it means CAFE CAMPUS and $7 pitchers! :-) I've also died my hair (I haven't killed it, I mean I have dyed it, only it annoys Ollie if I spell it "died") back to its Peruvian colour, it's soooooo dark kinda makes me look ill (ha) but its quite good for comedy value and done in plenty of time for Halloween. Hasta lluego xx

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Jenna said...

great post. i think friday night has to be the best night i've had since we've been here. it felt slightly novel to be dancing to music from post-1990 (FAR too much cafe campus over the past month!), and although the 'queue' to get could be described as a near death experience for all of us, the greek pizza place MORE than made up for it.
oooooo cuba cannot wait for a bit of communism, and cigars, and cocktails (all the c's!)

p.s. do u realise u used said 'for sure' in that post? we're getting so americanised - i think it's one of my most used phrases now. i like it!!

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