La vie est...

Proscratination is the order of the day I think, firstly because I have soooooo much work to do and secondly because there is a pile of washing up that I'm avoiding in the kitchen.

Jenna and I managed a road trip to Ottttawawawawawa which was an interesting "cultural" experience. We took about 500 photos outside of the Canadian Parliament and then decided we had "seen" the city so hit the shops! Hehe, nothing like a bit of fantastic plastic abuse. We also ate the entire annual food rations for a small developing nation, bagels, chocolate, ice cream, toffee apples, cookies, pasta, bread etc etc Needless to say my Cuba diet is most successful :-) and at this rate I'll be a size zero by Monday! Other than that there has been the usual amount of drunken debauchery ohhh and finaly a wee bit of fancy dress indulgence.

Next week is going to be ghorrible (yet so horrible I'm starting the word with g) because its miderms in less than a week which means REVISION and even greater fatness as cookies greatly aide the learning process. YUMYUM.

Ps I know it is eons away, but that still doesn't stop me getting seriously excited about Hallllowwwwweeeennnn and my street put all it's decorations up hehe and I can go and buy pumpkins WHOOP WHOOP

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