I like to party party

Whoahhhhhhhhhh its been a whole week since I bored you silly, exchange student life is toooooo fast and I can't really remember what I've been doing hehe. As usual there have been tons of parties, my favourite being a "black and white" party in a converted church (white for single, black for taken, and wear a mix if ur feeling....) Far too much alcohol has been consumed as per usual ohh and enjoy a few delights below:

What else? I BOUGHT MY ICE SKATES AND THEY ARE HOT HOT HOT!!!!! Tuesday was spent trying them out, followed by a shisha session. Mum has broken something in her foot after trying to do some form of acrobatics in the garage and is as good as me at complaining. I miss Bliss and I'm not speaking to Ollie until he changes the date of his birthday HINT HINT.

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