Fall Semester 2007

Soooooooo exams are over FINALLY after an amazing amount of proscratination.
My revision this year included:

  • Ice skating romanticalness in the Old Port with Jenna
  • Attending Christmas firework displays outside in -21 degree weather
  • Drinking appropriate warm alcoholic wintry/Christmas beverages in the appropriately named "Bar d'hiver" (strongly recommend hot chocolate with maple syrup liquor dedans)
  • Attending the theatre
  • Fondu parties with the Frenchies
  • Playing "how many countries of the world can I list in one go" with Rhiannon
  • 35 hours per day on Facebook
  • Watching seasons 1-5 of Sex and the City
  • Going out with Quebecois friends on the Crescent where one intends on taking the last metro back home at 12am and instead one takes the first metro home at 5am

So all in all I am expecting very good results this semester after all the hard work I have put in.

Jenna has also been revising very hard; the fruit of her labour shown below in a video/slideshow thingy of our first crazy months over here. Please appreciate the credits at the end, personally my favourite part ;-)

Ps I just remembered that I also used to own Spice Girls body spray :-) 44 days!!!!

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Jo said...

Lorna... Love your blog sometimes... I too had Spice girls Impulse, and I kept it for bloody ages in case it was worth money. Then i threw it away! How much I regret that now!! x x

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