They made me eat snails!!!!!!

So I've spent the last few days speaking solely about the Spice Girls, one might say understandable ;-) Anyway the conclusion is that I was pretty obsessed with them. "Back in the day" Grandma bought me the Spice Annual for Christmas but my mum confiscated it on Boxing Day after she had read it and realised that it was just a sex annual (bearing in mind I was 11). I also used to collect these photo postcards and I had a t-shirt haha ohhhh and the first time I ever went on the Internet I searched for the Spice Girls fan page but all mum and I found were pictures of a topless Ginger Spice; that put an end to my Internet searches for another year. Helen had a discussion over MSN today for about 2 hours re what our favourite song is; conclusion STOP (it's the only one we know the whole dance routine for; practised for hours in Kilham Village Hall aged 12).

Lectures for my first semester in Montreal are officially over and exams have begun which is course why I have an abundance of time to waste writing blog posts and searching for random things on ebay. Stress levels rn't too high......YET......I only have 3 exams so chilled at the moment thus plenty of time for frolics. It's been a week of birthdays with an English pub session for Greg (21) on Friday and then an amazing french meal and shisha night for Elo (22) on Saturday. I would say that I enjoyed the meal however I was pinned down by four Frenchies and forced to try snails (another thing off my 101 list of things to do mind you) and I'm not sure what disturbs me more; the fact that I've eaten a snail, or the fact that I liked it. They also tried to teach me about wine but I was far more interested in downing it rather than swirling it round in a glass and sniffing it, ohhh how very English of me.

I'm feeling festive also.....yes I know how YUCK and disturbingly I downloaded Miracle on 34th Street and have now watched it 3 time in 2 days haha. I'm religiously opening my advent calendar every morning (thanks mum) and my neighbour has decorated his house with a giant inflatable singing snowman hehe.

Other news?? Me and Jenna went on a romantical date the other night lol. We decided to go ice skating in the Old Port on the frozen river lit only by fairy lights and it was amazing. 8pm at night -10 yes sounds like hell but the view made up for the fact I actually had an iceicle hanging from my nose (no word of a lie); it's probably the most beautiful view in Montreal and I had to share it with Jenna haha love you really darl.

Most of the immigrants are now counting down the days before they go home; most only stay for one semester. I am contemplating stealing every passport but I think it's quite a big solo job so I might have to recruit Jenpen and Scarl hehe. And not only are the immigrants disappearing but the snow is melting....does nothing I like want to stay in Montreal right now :-(


Jenna said...

oh u just had to share the view with me did you?? shame we couldn't find anywhere more romantical than cafe el mundo for a drink after!

Jo said...

It was actually Kilham School canteen!! ;-) xx

Moi - Luna said...

haha yes of course the canteeeeeeen ahh the memories, i used to love those horse jumpy blocks ahhhhh but the question is can u still remember the moves...

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