After a lazy week I find myself back in Trois-Rivieres celebrating Easter at Gen's house. The snow here is amazing and I've never seen anything quite like it - houses are masked behind snow banks that are two stories high and any landmark I might have recognised from my previous visits is either buried or the Easter Bunny stole it. As usual I'm managing to eat enough for a small family, however as Bianca and I embark on a swimathon (30 laps of the uni pool daily) I don't feel that guilty.

After a painful and traumatic lent, tomorrow I finally get to eat chocolate! 40 days and 40 nights (without Josh Harnett) of hell with only one slip up which is entirely blamed on Naomi Jones for sending me a bucket of chocolate brownies for my birthday. (However I told myself it didn't count as they were brownies and not solid chocolate.) Gen stocked up by purchasing me a tub of Ben and Jerry's and also a trip to the chocolaterie has been promised :-D

Sooooooooo Happy Easter and all that's left to say is bring on self-indulged obesity:

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