The GREATEST weekend of my life!

Okay so on paper this weekend was always going to be epic however it turned out to be even better than we had ever imagined.

Friday night was the belated 21st/22nd birthday party for Jen and I at a kooky Quebecois bar called Les Deux Pierrots. Live music, shooters, beer, amazing company and crazy dancing all contributed to a wicked night of exchange student lovin'. It was made even better by the fact Marie and Ulrike, the best two exchange students from Denmark ever are staying for the week having returned home at Christmas.

On Saturday we travelled up to Mont Tremblant after 3 hours sleep for a day's R&R on the slopes. I was seriously apprehensive about skiing after my first encounter was now months ago and I thought I had forgotten everything those 3 days had taught me. Bianca was in a similar situation after her last ski was over 2 years ago. How wrong I was!!! After a wobbly start (I fell over before I'd even got my left ski on) we dominated the slopes moving quickly from our green slope comfort zone onto blue's, moguls, and a bit of a black (an accident but totally worth the buzzzzz). Amazed at how much we had improved the day was immense as we zoomed seemingly fearless down the slopes and as usual I was on a kamikaze mission to take in as many jumps and ridges as possible which resulted in some hilarious falls recreated by Bianca behind me. We accidentally took a mogul piste (they are the crazy little mountainous bumps that cover the entire slope) which turned out to be hilarious ohhh and then I accidental dropped my glove off the ski lift which meant I had to hike 200 metres up an off-piste slope to retrieve my red mitten much to the hilarity of Jenna and Bianca when I couldn't stop on my way back down.

(the quest for the lost glove)

Then Sunday was another HEChange day with a visit to a traditional Quebecois sugar shack (or cabane a sucre) at St-Roch-Sur-Richelieu. A sugar shack is where they make the maple syrup Canada is soooooo famous for and then in winter they have massive feast days where you can go and eat as much as you want but all the food contains or is covered in maple syrup. We stuffed ourselves with traditional dishes like creton quebecois, beaver tails and tart au sucre until we could barely move. However the real fun happened outside when we made our syrup lollies; basically they poor warm syrup all over the snow and you get a lolly stick and roll it in the syrup until you have your own lolly. They taste kinda grose, just like pure sugar however we couldn't get enough and before we knew it Bianca, Jen and I were sugar drunk and hysterical like 5-year-old's who have eaten too many orange chocolate Smarties. To make the day even better they had A LLLLLAMA which I petted uncontrollably for about an hour ohh and it ate half of Bianca's hair as she posed for photos thinking it was dinner. Then Bianca an I got married in a simple civil ceremony in the snow in a wood. Returning back to Montreal was hilarious as Bianca made an amazing impression on the exchange students by demanding they stop the bus as she was about to wet herself. Then the night continued with some unusual St Patrick's Day celebrations bringing us back round to another week of school and deadlines.

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