You say "APRES" I say "SKI"

We had a great ski day in Vermont hier although I just didn't feel as comfortable as I did at Mont Tremblant. I like to know what's coming up so I know when I can go really fast or slow down because I know that death is imminent. But I can't just ski in the same place for the next 40 years and the new variety of pistes was nice. I had a very village period when I fell over about 30 times in the space of 100 metres, for some reason I just kept forgetting I had to turn!!! I would like to say that this was right at the start of the day however I was right at the end after I'd skied perfectly well for the previous 6 hours!! The conditions were pretty good although it was unbelievably windy on one side of the mountain and also it was sooooo much colder than Montreal; even though spring has arrived we are still buried deep under snow and -18 ski temps shocked us because we thought we'd had the worst of the weather this winter. I tried a glade piste for the first time (skiing through the forest) however it's sooooo much extra work than a normal piste due to the added hazard of a few hundred trees being in the way.

Apres ski got a bit wild last night with a pre party at Jenna's followed by the club "Thursdays." I'd love to tell you what happened but I don't have a clue!!! Needless to say I don't think all the shooters Amin and Hugo made me do in the apartment were a good idea, or attempting to down all the beer because we had to leave Jenna's apartment to go to the club or then the shooters we did when we got club... Anyway we ended up at La Banquise, the most famous poutine restaurant in Montreal which boasts over 200 varieties of poutine (I think...) yet I still settled for the classic version (I know what I like). Then the poutine worked is magic and even though I got in at 5.30 basically unable to function I feel fine(ish) today.

Ski Saturday next week takes us to Mont Bromont (in southern Quebec) for hopefully another amazing day and evening lash. Schoop Schoop Schooppppppppp

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