HEChange, on se melange

So Saturday night was the long awaited end of semester Gala for the exchange students and baby WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS. Having arrived all dignified in dresses and suits the night soon went rapidly downhill; each table had three bottles of wine, however as Bianca and I won competition after competition we kept amassing wine and then Scarlett went on the most amazing wine stealing mission EVER talking wine from unsuspecting tables (I am sorry unsuspecting tables if you are reading this but it seemed like a good idea at the time). So we ended up with 14 bottles of wine for our wee table of 9 and needless to say the product of those 14 bottles along with the vodka, cocktails and beer was not attractive as the photos on facebook will explain (thanks Alex). Bianca and I proceeded to dance like complete sluts whilst Jenna did Tyra Banks runway walks in the background. Its amazing how undignified you can behave when you are wearing a ball dress!

Apart from alcohol (which obviously played a massive part in the night, we're exchange students after all) it was a seriously emotional evening. The exchange students who had been here for the full 2 semesters (us) prepared a surprise video for the HEChange organisers to say thank you for all their efforts and amazing memories they have given us. (You can watch it here). I gave a rather drunken speech (oh no) and I think there were quite a lot of tears ;-) HEChange: Alex, Catherine, Jean-Francois, Joelle, Madani, Mourad, Priscilla, Stephane, Justin, Stephanie and Valerie you are amazing, thanks a million.

There was an after party at one of the exchange student houses where the alcohol abuse and dancing continued and I finally crawled back into bed at about 5.30am. However imagine my shock when I woke up with a giant hamster, a full 2 litre bottle of rum and a pirate hat. Needless to say I don't have a clue how or why they got there but I suppose there are worse things you could wake up with

Montreal....JE ME SOUVIENS!!!

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