Spring time

I take everything back I ever said about how horrible or cold Canada is; this place rules. The past week has been a mental weather mash with temperatures reaching over 25 degrees however with most of the landscape still covered in snow you can imagine how wrong it feels to be wearing shorts when stood next to a snow drift. As the snow melts I begin to recognise the Montreal I first fell in love with however I was very scared that under all the snow we were going to find numerous dead tramps...luckily not.

After a wicked night out on Friday at Le Diable Vert with the exchange organisers (followed by the compulsory midnight poutine) the weekend flew by in a sunny haze. Genevieve has been staying all weekend and we managed to tick of a few of the tourist things I still wanted to do with a visit to Parc Jean Drapeau (an island in the St Laurence River) to see the famous Bioshpere and the Grand Prix track.
The countdown is now on and I'm scared that my heart is going to break into a million pieces when I have to leave this amazing city in exactly 10 days 4 hours.

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